The “Art of War”
for Good Luck and Great Fortune

Did you know…

There is a Wi-fi Network Named “Good Fortune
Its Username: “your name
Its Password: “Qi Men

Did you know there was a simple path to greater fortune and better “luck” in the ancient wisdom of Qi Men?

For MILLENIA, wisemen and warriors from China, Singapore and Taiwan have used the principles of Qi Men to enhance the probability of success in war, travel, childbirth…and finance and business.

Can YOU increase your probability for success using Qi Men too?

Yes. If you know how to apply it. The proper application of this ancient can increase your luck and fortune as easily as logging in to a wi-fi network.




The information stated above based on my experience. Please understand these results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).

I have the benefit of practicing Chinese Metaphysical Arts for 20 years and have established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results.

I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All business and personal matters entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

Scientists Have Long Known That Luck CAN Be Increased

For years Western scientist have known that luck is not random. Luck can be increased. You can take an “unlucky” person and make him “lucky.” Dr. Richard Wiseman’s book The Luck Factor is full of examples of scientific studies proving that luck is not…just luck. You can systematically increase your luck.

But Chinese and Taiwanese people knew this tens of centuries before these Western scientists “caught up” with them. And they still know it.

No, I’m not talking about The Secret. I’m not talking about “The Power of Positive Thinking.” I’m not talking about wishing and hoping and lighting candles.

I’m talking about a centuries-old SYSTEM for enhancing your awareness of reality…for recognizing previously “hidden” opportunities…and for making more accurate predictions in order to improve your future…and your fortune.

There’s nothing woowoo or wishful thinking about Qi Men…

The story of applying Qi Men to change the weather by Vladimir Zakharov

Once I went on a trip to the Alps together with a small group of my students. One day we arrived at Mont Blanc. I talked about the movement of Mountain Dragons (mountains). There was a small guided tour alongside us. And so we went up by a lift to see the snowy glaciers, but everything was covered in fog. We could see nothing.

I checked the Mystic Doors chart for the current time. In the two-hour period chart, we were lucky to have two necessary factors in one Palace in the East: Surging Snake and Harm Doors. Harm Doors support hunting. Surging Snake Deity assists in controlling the weather.

So I turned my back towards this direction, to Zhen Palace, the east (because we command on behalf of the Deity), entered the alpha state and said: “Please, open these mountains now for ten minutes.” After two or three minutes the clouds cleared. A black bird appeared; it floated for a minute, like some objectification or manifestation, and over the next ten minutes we could see the mountains in full view. After that, fog covered them over again.



Would you like to increase your probability for success in your chosen field?

For just $14 you can get my new book, “In the Access Zone: How to Turn No into Yes” and do that…guaranteed or your money back.

Get my short book, read it, and do the exercises inside, and you’ll discover…

  • How to log-in to the “heavenly wi-fi” to download better luck in your daily life
  • What questions to ask to take you closer to your goal…and stop asking the questions that are leading you further away from success. (page 8)
  • How to “hack” your communication with other people to remove the roadblocks impeding cooperation, collaboration, and networking…luck and fortune are tied to your personal connections…are you limiting their power in your life (page 29)
  • Why your luck and fortune is directly related to your energy level. How to use the principles of Qi Men to boost your energy (and luck) levels quickly (page 44)
  • How to “pray” so that “Heaven” hears you. As it says in the book of Dao: Heaven does not understand human language. I’ll show you how to “speak the language of Heaven”…and increase your probability of getting what you want (page 49)
  • How I changed the weather in the Alps. My true story of “moving the clouds” so my students could see Mont Blanc. (page 50)
  • How to see opportunities previously “hidden” from your eyes
  • How to increase your odds of winning games of chance and even lotteries
  • How to outmaneuver, outguess and outwit competitors
  • My step-by-step method for making more accurate predictions about the future
  • How to apply Qi Men in negotiations, exams, business meetings to achieve your goals
  • The secret application and interpretation of the two more popular Qi Men “structures”: Bird Falling into the Nest and Dragon Upend the Paw
  • How to increase your FUTURE luck and fortune by looking BACK into your past.
  • Simple insturctions (with photos) for how to build Qi Men charts on my free calculator
  • 15+ techniques you can apply to your specific questions, needs or goals.
  • A simple technique for getting a “quick start” with Qi Men so you can start seeing results fast.
  • 45+ questions to test your Qi Men understanding

And lots more, jammed into just 90 pages!



What Does it Feel Like to Activate the Qi Men Principles and Enahance Your Good Fortune?

Imagine you are in a pitch black dark room with only one way out. But you don’t know where that way out is. Is it a window? Is it a door? Is it a tunnel?

Then, someone turns the light off and on quickly!

In the brief explosion of light, you see a small door near the corner.

Now, even though the room is completely dark again…you KNOW the way out.

That’s what it feels like when you activate the princples of Qi Men!

You KNOW the way to success even through the darkness!



WARNING: This is not a book of philosophy. This is a book of activation. This is not a book to be read and then put aside.

No. This is a TUTORIAL on how to increase your good fortune using a system that has been practiced since 400 years before Christ.

This short, 90 –page e Book is packed with techniques, examples, exercises for self –study, and quizzes to verify your understanding of the principles of Qi Men.

If you believe that you can read a book and then do nothing…and luck will suddenly come your way…you are sadly mistaken.

Life and luck do not work that way.

Information without action is dead.

Do not buy my book if you do not intend to take ACTION.



To your success,
Vladimir Zakharov

Readers Talk About My Books

Thank you very much! I’m freshman and your book is the first one about wonderful art of Qi Men Dun Jia. I’m looking forward to get the second one.Elena Rodowicz
Thank you for the informative article. I’ve bought your book and now I’m reading it, it opens to me little by little because I’m new. But it is terribly interesting))) Move on writing such wonderful articles and I look forward for your new book.
Galina Kirilyuk
Thank you! I work with your book. Such small articles but they are so useful! They are like golden seeds, are like missing puzzle that lay down on certain place in understanding and experience of Universe and it suddenly make more sense. I can’t wait for your new book.
Setlana Dovhal
Valdimir, thank you for your book! I act on your strategy and already have a result although only a month had passed. Thank you!
As I think, the key point of the book is not quotes (there are lot of them) but questions for self testing! That is what switches you head and process of cognition. It is not like that uncertain and confusing stuff.
I immediately started applying. I needed an answer about selling a property that my sibling offered. I looked to horary chart, to transits, and in adding by Qi Men and all these systems gave me the answer about outcome of this case.
By the way, the answer appears instantly. Of course, if you put your question in right way and you know where to look for that answer.) The book is super, thanks! Everything is clear, understandable, to the point, with examples and without spare words. astropy007
Turning to Qi Men, we change our minds, we begin to see NEW OPPORTINITIES, we haven’t seen before. We touch the invisible world – the world of opportunities. valera_ lapidus
The level of our luck and failure is determined by the level of energy in many ways. If we have a high level of energy, we have great events!!!sergei_ evgenievich
Never start looking to Qi Men chart before you’ll answer the question – what do I truly want? Thanks, this book is guide to life! Thank you!julia_yanchenko1699
Don’t be a problem, be a decision. You have to believe, that you win a battle before entering a war. Do all you can and don’t be relayed to result.ksana.stremb

About The Author

Vladimir Zakharov

Vladimir Zakharov is a Feng Shui expert with 20 years’ experience, Doctor of Chinese Metaphysical Arts, and Dean of the Faculty of Metaphysics of the European Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Education (Germany).

He is a licensed instructor of the Academy of Chinese Metaphysics Mastery (founder master Joey Yap, Malaysia), and the author of courses on Bazi, Feng Shui, and I-Jing.

Vladimir Zakharov gained his knowledge from internationally recognized Feng Shui masters in Singapore and Malaysia. He has a Feng Shui Mastery Diploma and Bazi Mastery Diploma (distinction).

More about the author in an interview with Joey Yap