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If you are lonely …

By 18.10.2017Uncategorized
As for relationships, I think there’s one rule:
To get something you need
You should give what you possess.
For example, give away jealousy, or high ambitions, or the idea that the whole world owes something to you…
Or give away the set of 100 criteria of a partner…

Then you should find the connection – for example, you don’t know where to meet somebody in this city, so you should ask the local people, they know…
Or throw a party for your friends and girls – “the space of opportunities” will appear…

Then activate your “romance” star to add charm
Or select a date with “Salted pond” star (if you don’t want any romance, but just want to practice Kamasutra J)

… and activate the star of intellect ( in order not to behave like an idiot).
And it’s obvious that you need a place, if you are a boy – only if you are not going to do “this” in the night club toilet.
There’s a Qi Men technique how to quickly find a sexual partner – but to tell the truth, it doesn’t say anything about a big love…

Well, one more thing:
The law of big numbers works, for  9 “NOs” there’s 1 “YES”
(!) don’t be afraid to hear “NO”, it already exists.
If you don’t dare to take a step, you’ll stay where you are.
But you may be answered “yes”.
So, it’s an every-ticket-wins lottery…

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