The ideal point to start

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The ideal place to start

Today I will tell you how to reach the dream in an alternative way.

There is a generally accepted conventional method, but there is also an alternative one.

Techniques described in the project called “Explosive improvement of luck” aim to help you to reach a dream.

By following the link – link – you will find a detailed description.

However, before you start applying these techniques, you should do some things in advance.

It is a common thing among people to imagine a goal or a dream in front of them, at the level of the horizon.

We start out a movement toward the dream from the starting point. We go farther and see it at a distance of 5 steps…

Then the steps begin to multiply somehow… 5 steps turn into 25 steps and then turn into 50 steps.

Essentially, we sabotage ourselves and do everything that stops us from reaching the dream.

I will tell you later why it happens. Believe me, it really does happen. We postpone the achievement of the goal. The fulfillment of the dream.

Let’s talk about the conventional way. We generate an idea; we are at the present moment – here and now – and our dreams are in the future. Most people tend to think so, anyway.

But what if we had the opposite attitude?

First, REACH the goal. Second, think about HOW you did it.

For example, close or open your eyes (whatever you want) and transport yourself to the moment when your dream is already fulfilled.

Now, turn around, look back into the past and answer the question:

“What happened in the past that made your dream real?”

(Let’s say your dream came true in February 2020. What did you do in April/May/June 2019?)

For example, one thing you could do even now is to join

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Do the exercises below when you’ve finished reading the article.

Exercise 1

Pretend you are already there.

For our neural connections, for our brain, it does not matter whether you experience it for real or within the imagination.

It has already become the TRUTH.

It makes no difference whether you have a Ferrari in your garage or not. If you move to the point where you already have it, you will experience this feeling, even under self-hypnosis.

You already have this feeling. That causes the appearance of new connections – brain cells will find new connections.

Do you understand what I mean?

Only after that will you look back and ask yourself, “What have I done?”

You keep coming back to physical so-called Cartesian-Newtonian time.

In this linear time, in our mutual dream, we live by mutual agreement.

Coming back to April 2019 (or to the time when you are reading this article, maybe July or September), you start taking the steps you saw in the future.

We can use this example:

You dreamed of having a million dollars. Once you made it, then you lost it.

Technically, you came back into the past, where you did not have a million dollars yet, from the future where you already have it.


What do you have now? You have a path to overcome. You have confidence that you can do it for the second, fifth, or tenth time.

The exercise I have just proposed is similar to being in 3D reality. In a physical reality that physicists believe in.

There is another story.

We can reach a dream many times faster – for example, 10 times faster. To make it happen, one should never loop.

It is like being in a dark room without any light, but for a second the light was turned on. At this very moment, you saw the way out…

You can see this way with the help of my club’s techniques. You will find a detailed description by following the link

Exercise 2

Let’s imagine that our dream is a stone – a small, pretty stone. You throw it into the water of reality. That causes circles to appear across the water’s surface. These circles are the consequences of being a person that you always wanted to be.

One of these circles can be your lifestyle.

The way you will live after you have IT.

How you will live once you have IT.

The way of living of those who have already become who you wanted to be.

Who have what you want to have.

Consequences depend on circles.

For example, I often think that people whom I consider as truly rich (in my vision of the world) have a certain lifestyle:

* They spend time playing golf.

* They spend time on the yacht.

It is easy to think this way.

When I have the money I need, I am going to spend time:

* Playing golf.

* Relaxing on a yacht.

Thinking this way, you assign features of the future. That happens inside your head.

You move the time slider to the future.

Instead of becoming someone you always wanted to be and leading the desired lifestyle, do the opposite.

Lead the lifestyle you always dreamed about.

If people whose circle you want to be in or who have as much money as you want to have are, let’s say, spending time playing golf, start playing golf right now.

Maybe just a little.

Maybe in different proportions.

Maybe on different courses with rented golf clubs.

It does not matter.

You just have to start.

Starting from now, take a homeopathic dose of the lifestyle you want to have that is already formed in your head.

During the trance, move into the future. You are already there.

You have already created it in your head.

You can always rent a boat.

You can always visit some parties on yachts.

There is always a microdose that you can taste.

You can visit my personal coaching, where I will communicate knowledge of Chinese metaphysics to you face to face. It costs $100,000 a year now.

You can also visit my classroom training. The prices start at $2,000 for two to three days.

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It is quite interesting.

My online course comes with two days of classroom meetings.

There is a phrase to it: “If I had as much money as this course costs, then I wouldn’t need it.”

It’s a course on how to make money in a new profession, live anywhere in the world and make online consultations.


Once again, you may be saying, “If I had that much money, I would not need a course.”

Maybe the opposite is true.

What if this course will allow you to make money equal to the cost of a course every month and even more?

Then, I do not understand what the problem is…

In some mysterious way, people close their opportunity, close their future using linguistic constructions.

There is a common linguistic construction: “The rich have their own quirks.”

With this phrase, a person draws a line between himself or herself and those other mystically rich people who do not really know what it means to be rich. Because each person has their own understanding of wealth.

Technically, a person draws a line inside the border that cuts off from the world in which he or she would like to be.

There are “we” and there are “they.” In this case, one can say: “We (rich) have own quirks.”

Being rich is not defined by cash flow, so-called monetary units, or desired assets.

At the level of neural connections, you can already be rich.

“A rich man in a period of bankruptcy” – in case you do not possess anything at all…

Many very rich people have gone bankrupt three times. At this point, they had even more than nothing. They had nothing with a minus on it.

But their thoughts were different. At the level of neural connections, man has always seen opportunities instead of failure. That there is something he or she is missing; everyone tries to fool them, or something else.

You can always try my techniques in a homeopathic microdose in the project called “Explosive improvement of luck”: link

I have students who became millionaires and multimillionaires.

Recently I was asked if I have students who have reached such heights. Yes, I do.

Since most of them are my colleagues, it would not be right to reveal their names. I want them to be even more successful, and more than that,

it is cool when someone who once heard a few tips from you many years ago began to follow them and as a result, went into a different social orbit. That is great! This is probably the best reward for what I have been doing all these years.

You may become one of these people if you change your attitude.

As I would say, the ideal place to start is to follow the link to the website and become a member of the club “Explosive improvement of luck.”

Every month I teach techniques on how to transform and increase luck, and dates on which to do so.

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