How to succeed? Feng Shui for work and career

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I’ve got a rule:“A ferroconcrete fence is of the highest priority to the marking and traffic signs”…
When you think of your career or build your own business you pursue one goal, which is to increase your welfare. All the steps you take are aimed at getting as many material comforts for yourself and your family as possible.
It is for this reason you should call it like it is – all of us, in the context of this article, want to have more money.

Are there activations of “career zones” to attract luck?

Yes, there are a lot. We emphasize the activations of life spheres which are connected with successful career. The most popular ones are:

  • Activation of monetary luck
  • Activation of the Nobleman
  • Activations to increase the stock of money on your current account, safe-deposit box, or just in a 3-litre jar in a secret place

The majority of Feng Shui methods are based on the activations of particular zones in the room / house / office, which can be called “zones” or “sectors” of career, if applied to our discussion.

Unfortunately these zones are not permanent. They are formed by adding several monetary factors in one sector for a short period of time. If you do simple activations in these “career sectors”, including “parties”, even in the morning or in the afternoon, it may help you to activate the flow of clients and this way, your luck will be activated as well.

I will tell you about one of these techniques, which are not connected with your flat or office, at the end of the article.

But you should start with simple things. 🙂

Does Feng Shui help to make a choice: to climb the career ladder or build your own business?

Definitely yes!

Is it a good idea to beat down the closed door following the stupid childish “I want it now” motto. To follow theoretic rules and get a pitiable result.

Everybody is influenced by both internal and external factors. The time of birth forms the potential, a number of opportunities, which cannot be changed, you may only correct them. For instance, you can’t become a great artist if you lack talent. You can only learn to paint. Who knows, you may be a fabulous architect or designer.

Sometimes we subconsciously choose the right direction in life, we work hard, we seek wealth, respect, high social status. Sometimes… We may seem to be beating head against the wall. And if we don’t have any result, we give up.

We may knock on the wrong door. We want to sing, although we cannot carry a tune in a bucket…

The knowledge of Chinese metaphysics helps to choose the right direction to take an effort, as well as the right time and place to get as much opportunities to succeed as possible.

We often make mistakes when we rely on social stereotypes to choose our place under the sun:

  • We choose a prestigious university, but never work as trained specialists.
  • Go to a “good job”, but people don’t understand why it irritates you.
  • Choose things which are appropriate and profitable in people’s opinion, because we were taught so, because we are afraid to do something after our heart.

Motivating videos only add oil to the flame: “Knock louder! Louder!”
But this leads to nothing… The door won’t open. It’s likely to be the wrong door.
Only think… You could have become a great person… if you had made the right choice.

But nobody said that it’s too late to estimate your potential.

  • J. K. Rowling had her first Harry Potter book published when she was 32.
  • Jack Ma, the founder of the Chinese service, was 30 when he first touched a computer keyboard.
  • 40-year-old Henry Ford established the world-famous car brand after several failures.

Before a person starts building a career, they need to have a clear understanding of the way:

  • Choose the direction for the career or business
  • Know what branch is the best for successful career
  • Know the sphere of activity where they can be successful

If you choose your place under the sun appropriately, then make an effort and choose open doors out of dozens of closed ones, you’ll get the result and be lucky.

Feng Shui of the house and how it influences the money attraction

I keep on telling my students that any person with any ba-zi chart can become a dollar millionaire. But our house is a “concrete shoe” which pulls us to the financial bottom.

The house we live or work in influences our welfare. It can:

  • Both “recharge” and “use up” our internal energy supplies.
  • Become our “assistant” or obstacle for healthy relationships, increasing your income and so on.
  • It important to recognize the talents of your house. You should use them with the maximum good. You don’t need to knock on the closed doors! Pick up the fruit that hang on lower branches!

We divide the plan of the house into sectors and analyze them to:

  • Calculate the situations when you get the biggest profit making the minimum effort
  • Know if your priorities and abilities are supported by the energy of the house and its neighbourhood

Your house can tell you what you can do easily and where you are likely to have problems. People have definite talents. So do houses.
The best thing is when they are synchronous.

But! You’re unlikely to have a good house or office if you are reading this article and are interested in this subject.

What is the main Feng Shui secret of money?

It’s important to remember:

  • Posh neighbourhoods are formed in definite places for some reason.
  • The Feng Shui of any house or office is finished at the porch, as I keep on telling my students. What is the most important are forms. Formulas are inferior.
  • The energy of the place where the house is built is stronger than the energy of the house.

If you choose a good place which encourages saving your income, it can’t 100% protect you from bankruptcy. But you’ll have to do your best to kill your income.

If your house is located in an inauspicious place, it doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in your career, it just means that your way will be thorny and you’ll have difficulties getting material wealth.

In lieu of an afterword

Do you remember I promised to give you a money affirmation at the beginning of the article?
Wealth cannot be external. External always needs more. It can be only inside. Wealth is when you give, not take.
Financial independence and money are another part of the story.
Financial independence is when you don’t need to work to live the life you’ve chosen, only if you want, you may work.
Financial Independence Formula:

  • Spend less than you earn and invest the difference.
  • Re-invest the interest from investment to grow exponentially until you possess the capital suitable for the appropriate lifestyle.

Wealth produces income. The possession of property itself doesn’t. It’s important to provide “passive income”, but not only to possess.

Our affirmation:
“I’m constructing a money machine which will give me financial income and let me not to go to work anymore”.

Do you want much money, freedom, opportunities and options?
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