How to resist failures of the past?

There are 3 simple things, which you can abandon and protect yourself from failures of the past…

  1. Usually people tend to tie their misfortunes into a ball: one thing happened, then another and they are connected to the third one.

This is how we create in our mind A STRING OF FAILURES.
Imagine a piece of paper…it’s easy to tear it.
If you take 10 pieces of paper, it will be harder to do.
And 100? A man can’t do it.

So why do you complicate your life and create patterns of your failures of the past?!

About power and wisdom…

We can make our spirit stronger and change our mindset to resist our past as long as it takes, but we also can accept it and let it go.
The thing, that helps you to move forward, has the same routs.
Remember the moments, when you were on the crest of the wave, this feeling, mood, facial expressions… You should transfer to this state as often as possible.
This is one of the easiest and efficient mental techniques.

  1. Why “This is impossible”… is possible

You can say to a person, that his apartment is not ok and he should spend more time somewhere else, particularly work in another place.

But the answer is “No”. You can offer different solutions and still the answer is “this is impossible, this is impossible, this is impossible”. It sounds like anti-mantra. A man gets enchanted by his thoughts and actions.

If you repeat to yourself:” I am a piece of shit, shit, shit”, guess what the result will be?..

What if it is POSSIBLE?
It is POSSIBLE to move in with your friend.
It is POSSIBLE to work in a café.
It is POSSIBLE to live in apartment of your friend, while he is on vacations.

Instead of looking for a reason, why it won’t work out, you should find a way to change this situation…
The brain is like a dog, tell it “go” and it will be looking for options from nowhere to solve the problem.

  1. The rule of this game is “don’t complain”.

Let’s say I have a meeting with my client, who is on my subscription, and ask him: “what good did happen to you?”
And if the answer is: “I don’t have money…crisis is everywhere…a project wasn’t implemented” I tell him to STOP. I don’t ask what is bad. I am not interested in it. I don’t have empathy…

It is important for me that you get the result and not complain. Whether it is pleasant or painful. People fixate on the process, not on the result. This is why they are not getting anywhere.
Clients, that complain, and people in general, bring your down.

Instead of grabbing helpful hand and getting themselves out, by following advices of consultant, they waste their and consultant’s energy.

Summary: 3 things, which should be forbidden for others and you.

  1. To create in your mind a string of failures.
  2. To say “It is IMPOSSIBLE”.

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