How to Keep Temperature Balanced

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The story unfolds in Phoenix, Arizona, in one of the hottest places on Earth.

Despite many wonders of this place,
it holds a special interest for me as an Ancient Chinese
Metaphysical Arts practitioner – it opens an opportunity
to verify one of the principles of this art.

If your chart is cold,
it means that you were born in winter (in December or January).
That is why you may need lots of heat
speaking in terms of regulating elements.
Especially it concerns people born after sunset.

Phoenix, Arizona is probably one of the best places on Earth
to accumulate the heat needed to restore the temperature balance of the chart.

I was fascinated by the idea of coming to Arizona
to check on my well-being in a dry and arid climate such as this one.

In other words, how the climate would affect my well-being and
health indicators, as well as my income…
I simply kept an eye on events that occurred in my life
and drew conclusions based on them.

Usually, people tend to build lots of theories
without putting them into practice.
It is not right; it is worth trying to put one’s knowledge into practice.
In this sense, the best test subject turned out to be me))

There are no other benefits of studying Ancient Metaphysical Arts
except for using this knowledge to change own life and the lives of loved ones for the better.

It is as plain as day, that practice is not an easy task.
Practice is a rocky path, there may be ups and downs –
you may make a lot of money and then lose an even bigger amount.
Some lessons are very expensive to learn.
But once these lessons have been learned, you will not have to repeat them.
As one of my mentors says, “Consider that you completed an extremely expensive MBA course.
One lesson cost it all.”

Here, in Arizona, there is one good place to test one of the Bazi aspects – the theory of Regulating Gods.

Some people live in the wrong place.
Such people believe that something is wrong with
them as if they are enchanted to fail everything they do.

If it sounds familiar, perhaps you live in the wrong place.
What should I do to change this situation?

The only way is to change the location or place of living.
Have not you ever wondered why drunks always have money for the booze?

They simply do not have a choice of not having them, as they must have the booze in their picture of the world.
Likewise, if a person really wants something, he or she does not
have a choice of not having it.

We can get whatever we want if we engage in this “compulsive behavior” or whatever you may call it.

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but you are interested in things I say
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Make something great out of this initial step – turn it into a powerful start
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These methods have made some of my students millionaires and changed the lives of many others for the better.

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