How to find wealth in your date of birth

Do you want to become “a millionaire”?

What does it mean “a millionaire”?
(And here we are talking about dollar millionaires, just in case)

I am familiar with 3 definitions (number increases as conditions go stricter)

1. You have a million in any asset.
(cash, deposit, property, share of business etc)And there we need to figure out if a property is an asset.

If you rent it and property generates you income, in this case it is an asset.
And if it just “exists” and you pay bills or live in the apartment what then?

The second problem is you never know the real cost of a property until you sell it.
Or maybe the better way to explain it will be such: today estimated value of your property on the market could be a million, but at the point you sell it, you will be happy, if somebody buys it for 300 thousands.

There are a lot of examples like this.
2. You own a property (how much does it cost? Well, this is a philosophical question, see above).
plus a million on your bank account and/or in cash.

For me this is more evidence-based approach than “assets” of a property, which costs allegedly some money.

But…still it’s not the best one.
Maybe you have been saving money for 20 years…

3. You have a property + assets + money on bank account
or in cash more than 1 million + you earn minimum $100 000 in month

In my opinion, this is the real status of a millionaire.
But even at this point this is only the beginning…

«Wealth» in numbers according to Forbes:

More than $1BExtremely rich
$100M — $1BSuper rich
$100M — $500MRich indeed
$35M — $100MSeriously rich
$15M — $35MRich

$1M — $15MLow richness
$500k — $1MComfortably wealthy
$200k — $500kComfortably average
$50k — $200kComfortably poor

F*ck, Zakharov, go to hell! My salary is about 80 $, what are you talking about?

You are not interested in a million?
It’s fine. Let’s talk about more practical things.
(And you still can make a choice and close the browser window 🙂

Money vs Wealth
To invest and generate passive income, you need to have what to invest in the first place.

Basically there are 2 ways to do this:
а) career
b) business

When you have an adequate financial support, you can start to invest
а) in property,
b) in stock market,
c) directly in someone else’s business
d) in your knowledge, after all.

There are more extended forms how to become rich, mainly fantastic ones, but still take a look at this scenarios:
1. Be born in a rich family
2. Marry a millionaire
3. Win a fortune
4. Somebody will give it as a present
5. Inherit
6. Steal
7. Borrow

Values and abilities

If none of the above 7 ways suit you, you still have this 2:
а) business
b) career

To do that, you need to offer one (or several) value(s) to the world, so clients (or employers, if you are working for someone) queue up to you.

Risk reduction
Problems solving
An ability to show value (and raising the price to majestic heights)

But all this is pure demagogy, if you don´t have these talents in your date of birth.

The chain of cash flow
1. Product or service (value)
2. Sell
3. Income
4. Cash flow

1) Obviously, to get what YOU WANT, you have to give to people, what THEY WANT in the first place. Whether it’s a product, service, your knowledge, skill or something else.

2) It´s not enough to have a value, which people want, but you also need to SELL it. If there is no exchange goods-money, there is no a transaction, nothing is happening.

3) It’s not enough you sell something (eventually), this transaction should be PROFITABLE. Even if you work for somebody and don’t sell anything, there is a cost of your standard of living.

4) Even though your business is profitable, you can become a bankrupt.
Surprised? You just may not have enough working capital.
Especially in periods of rapid growth of the company.

And there some reasons for it:
— Receivables (A/R)
— Stock balances
— Expansion of the company
— A sharp change in the exchange rate

If you are an employee and you have a good salary, you also can become a bankrupt.
How? The combination of delay in payment of wages for several months, credits and high personal costs can dig a financial hole for you, despite 4-5-digit salary.

Do you have “accentuation of money”?
Wealth is an accentuation. A kind of a mania.
For example, if there is an indirect wealth in your hour pillar (in heavenly stems or earthly branches) in your chart, it means that your desire to possess money is greater.

Hazard is greater. You run the risk. You bet everything on it. And you win.

When other people are content with “small, but stable salary”.

I had a period in my life, when I was living in a railway station, without money and options, and I said to myself, that I will have a life that I dream of. Or I will die.

The world heard that I was serious about it. And I got a “license for freedom”.
But there must be factors in your BaZi chart.

Except indirect wealth in hour pillar there are also 3 options.

Wealth is an accentuation. A kind of a mania. A lot of people don’t need this.
They need to work for somebody and are not interested in doing business.

But what would you say…
If your salary increased in 20, 30 or even 100%?
Or if you made the same money, but working 2 times less?
Or if both scenarios came true at the same time (increase in wage, while reducing the time consumption)?

Do you want to know how to increase your income?

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