How to find the shortest way to money

There’s a limited number of ways to having money in our world. You can make it by doing business or going up the career ladder, or you may get happily married, or come into fortune … you may win a lottery or steal money. I may have missed one or two ways, but this succession is quite complete. Among the above mentioned ways career and business are under our control.

We can take our date of birth (or our children’s, spouse’s, clients’, business partners’, anyone’s) and decode it, look at astrological patterns, components which lie in our birth chart and realize our potential… which out of these 6 ways is ours.

Some people are lucky enough, especially girls J Their charts clearly state that they will get all their fortune due to their husbands. We look for the exact time of marriage, this money will come to the surface and the girls will become automatically rich.

Other people are lucky because they will get money due to their inheritance. They come into fortune in their childhood or later and they are rich. The only challenge is how to use the money.

If the first, the second or the third cases are not about you, then you have a lottery option, it’s also possible. But for the majority it’s all about career or business.

For example, if we talk about business, then we have got something valuable that we can give to this world, that the world wishes for, and we can exchange it for what we want.

Each of us possesses our own valuable, our own capital. It may be intellectual capital, or problem solution for other people, or ability to make our clients wealthier, or our ability to cure their pain. The list is quite limited. Our birth chart shows the aspects we are skillful at.

There are ways to promote our goods and services.  There are distribution channels, which, ironically enough,  are also hidden in our birth chart. The problem is that in most cases, metaphorically speaking, we wake up in a dark room. And we try to find the way out, the door. And we move, stumble along, stand up. We may start walking in circles. ..

In other situations, we have got a strategy; we come close to the wall, start walking along it until we find the door and the way out.

Astrology, Chinese one in particular, gives us a torch. And we see the quickest way to the door.

But I’m often asked the question, “To what extent do we use our money potential?” What if you already work double tides? Do you really use your full potential to realize you income level? I usually answer that it is almost impossible.

We use only a small part of our brain and similarly, we use only a small part of our money potential. Most of us can make 10  or even 100 times more money. It’s clear that we are limited by our birth chart. If it’s not a multibillionaire’s or multimillionaire’s chart, you’ll never become another Bill Gates.

If we can get the income of a couple million dollars a year.. or a million, or maybe 100 000, which is okay for most people, it will radically change many people’s lives, your family life, in particular. And you can learn from your birth chart how to reach the desirable income  at minimum cost and with maximum benefit.

The following part is very important and rather amusing. We’re going to talk about money potential and obsession with money, or compulsive addiction to money.

Some people have a big potential of income, they are able to generate money, do their business or build a breathtaking career, but they are lazy. And you have to understand why you do all this… if you lead a comfortable life, why do you need to risk to get more?

Others are ready to die for money… they wake up thinking about their income, they fall asleep thinking about their income. But their vessel, their bucket is very small. They are able to generate only a small cash flow.

The ploy is to combine these two types of people (those who have a passion for money and those who are able to make money), as a result we’ll get an ideal model. For instance, if they are a husband and a wife or two business partners, or a business owner and a CEO, one will keep encouraging the other, the second person will be  a bulldozer.

It is similar to rough and soft… Yin and Yang. There are process people and there are result people. We look at their date of birth, combine them and in the end get a synergy effect.

If you study the charts of many millionaires, look at their lucky and unlucky periods… it may turn out that during the recent 30 or 40 years they haven’t had breathtaking luck.

For example, my Master, Joey Yap from Malaysia (he is among top 10 young millionaires in Malaysia) studied the charts of his friends and teachers, clients and billionaires and made some conclusions about the secret of their success.

The secret is that they are among the proper people. It means that if you don’t have necessary elements in your chart, the only sufficient skill is to be among the proper people, i.e. those who have these necessary elements. You build the mandala, a military division, which has a huge potential to generate income.

You may either be born for this, or you hire a consultant who does this for you. Millionaires usually have at least one consultant, one adviser. Or a group of advisers: astrologers, HR, security service. These people help to create a team. Or you may learn this yourself, learn what elements you need and start looking for necessary people.

Husbands and wives make a good example. A common model is when the husband is in business and his wife doesn’t do anything special, from his point of view, she goes to beauty salons, sports centres, enjoys herself.

One day he starts accusing his wife of doing nothing, of being a  sponger. Then they decide to get a divorce. They break up and the husband goes on doing his business. Every year the business becomes less and less profitable until 2 or 3 years later he goes bankrupt and he is left penniless. But his wife, who didn’t seem to be doing anything, sets up her own business and becomes very successful a couple of years later.

Why was he successful when he was married? In fact, his wife was a donor for him. And when they were together he was on the wave of her luck. Well, he was a bulldozer and did all the work himself, but he did it due to the influence of her blessing, her wind of luck.

It can be compared with a sailing boat which can’t move without a wind. And in our case, it is the wife who was that wind which led him to success. But he turned out to be so stupid that he didn’t notice that and said goodbye to her.

Our date of birth contains a certain money potential. You may study it in the investment context, in the context of your personal value for this world. It answers the following questions:

– Do you need to rent an office?

– Where is it easier for you to turn your potential clients into customers, where are you more convincing?

– Is it better for you to work on your own  or be employed?

– Will you be poorer or wealthier after getting married?

– Will you be wealthier being in informal relations or you’ll get more money after you legalise your marriage?

It’s a very interesting subject which I discussed with only a small group of consultants… they advised my clients on the subject of money in their birth charts.

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