How to choose a flat?

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In metaphysics, as well as in other fields of knowledge we use, strategy is the most important thing. Nothing is an art without it, just a lifeless formula. The same way, in any house or flat the most important thing is Tai Chi, the point that connects everything and the principal thing in a house, the source of life in it. It’s a good idea to start looking for this point with simple things, after that you can complicate the parameters.

When you are looking for a flat, you should take the following steps:
Look at the neighbourhood.
Look at the house.
Look at the flat.

Ideally, the neighbourhood should be prosperous. Or there should be several decent houses, which you can always find here due to Tai Chi principle: there’s always Yin inside Yang and Yang inside Yin. In any impoverished neighbourhood there’s something that flourishes and in any prosperous one something always dies away.

The object is considered to be good if it is easy to find. If it’s difficult to get there, you get stuck in traffic jams, the road is narrow and it is constantly being repaired, then energy doesn’t get there. You’d better not consider this object.

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After you had chosen the neighbourhood or had found a good place in a bad area, you start looking for the suitable house, and then a flat in it. What are the obvious and hidden details of this choice?

What unobvious information apart from the year of construction can interest you? There’s one good question which people don’t usually ask: what was the destiny of the previous dwellers? One bother killed the other and is now in prison, and their parents are now selling this flat (it’s an extreme example). Or they have ruined themselves and are now selling this flat. Or they have made big progress and are moving to a bigger flat, or they have moved abroad, or something else. Attentive study of previous dwellers’ destiny can help you make certain conclusions.

Among the simplest things, you should first of all look at cracks, stains, etc. For example, you see a crack or a stain near the door. Who will suffer from them depends on the side they are located. The left side when looking out of the flat outside is called the Green Dragon. It is connected with the men in the house and money. If there are cracks here, these aspects start to suffer. The right side when looking out of the flat outside is called the White Tiger, it’s connected with women and power, it means they can suffer.

Time flows from top to bottom, so if the crack begins up high and goes down, all people in this flat can suffer: children, their parents and grandparents of this gender and the aspects of life connected with the damaged side. Or for example, you approach the porch of the house, office or shop you want to buy. How can you understand if it flourishes or not? You look attentively at the porch of a new shop with a designer decoration. And you see that just near the porch there’s a crack or several tiles have come off on the basis. You should pay attention to this and consider this signal.

When choosing a flat you should consider all the tasks you face.
When I ask people who request me for a Feng Shui consultation what exactly they want, they answer they want everything to go well. What does the phrase “everything goes well” mean? With and without Feng Shui people are born, get older, get ill and die. In any case, they will have ups and downs, summer showers and sunny days… You can do nothing with it. Feng Shui is a method helping us to get from A to B.

For instance, a person wants to have a larger income: his business is weak and he wants to improve it. Or a single girl wants to get married, or wants another girl. Suppose she expects a prince in a white BMW to arrive, and half a year later she calls  and says, “I have already got a prince, but Feng Shui is still bad in my flat.” – “Why do you think so?” – “Because my income hasn’t gone up.”

Ideally, you need to solve one problem at one moment. For example, when you choose the floor. Which floor is favourable? In a short-term period in a rented flat or office where you are not going to stay long because you are planning to build a house, without choosing opportunities for every dweller, you have to choose the second, third, seventh, twelfth, thirteenth and seventeenth floors now and until 2019.

If now you are in the period of capital accumulation you’d better have a flat on top floors.

Top floors are good for struggle and competition. It’s the price for rapid business growth. If your business is okay, you don’t need to stake everything, if you are in your fifties, then you have to save everything, so you’d better consider lower floors or a country house – they are more appropriate for this purpose.

Moreover, when you choose a flat, you should pay attention to this year’s 5 Yellow Star. It shouldn’t be on the front door, otherwise, don’t buy this house or flat. But if you want to sell the flat or house, 5 Yellow is a good thing, you’ll have more buyers, because there are more unlucky people than lucky ones.

If 5 Yellow is on the facade, but not on the door, it’s okay. If it’s on the back, it’s not good. To understand how bad it is we need to discuss the concept of the back, to find it, etc.

You can find the location of the Stars of the year on You can always find the Flying Stars for this, previous and next month.

If the Stars are not so good for the current month, just wait until the next one and buy a flat then. But if the stars of the year are bad, you have to wait at least another year.

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How to know in 5 seconds that the flat is bad?

  1. It doesn’t have 2 sectors. This doesn’t concern offices, where business is struggle and competition. Business is not balanced in its nature – if money comes to you, it doesn’t come to your rivals, if you want to kill somebody’s business, balance Feng Shui in their office. But as for living spaces, the absence of two or more sectors is bad. Especially if these sectors belong to one element. For example, south-east and east, or west and north-west. In the first case it is Wood that is absent, in the second case it is Metal.
  2. There is no sector in the north, south or north-west. One sector is enough for the flat to lose its attraction according to Feng Shui. North and South are two most important elements in life: Water in the north and Fire in the South. The absence of north-west is harmful for relationships. The same is with the toilet in south-west. In such flats women are often lonely or they have such a husband that they had better be single. It is also bad when the kitchen is in the north-west, the man will be “low quality” or constantly ill.
  3. The way to the flat is complicated. For example, a person goes out of the lift, turns left, opens the door, goes into a kind of anteroom, opens one more door, goes into another anteroom and sees his door and the neighbour’s door. And he also needs to go through sleds, bikes, go under the shelves from which jars and skates fall, and when he opens the door he hits wind chimes. When you hit them, you’ll probably hear a very unpleasant sound of a local “multi-level mantra”. And even if you arrange Feng Shui inside this fortress, it still won’t help Qui to work its way through all these cupboards, sleds, skates and other things. What can you do with it? Nothing. You’d better not agree to buy such a flat. The general principle is that Qui should be “fresh” and “healthy” when it comes into your flat.
  4. Unfortunate life of previous dwellers and owners.
    The last but not the least – signs and manifestations. They are like crop circles left by aliens. What happens when you go to see the flat? For example, you see funeral when you approach the house. Somebody who lived in this block of flats dies, the family are all here, a guy with a censer is performing a paid magical ritual to encourage the communication with the other world forces… You may say that funeral is not permanent here. I agree, but why is it here when you have come? Why is it here when a Feng Shui consultant has come to take measures? It is called manifestation, or speaking to the world. Or something prevents you from going to see the flat. Something has happened and you can’t go. The next time you get stuck in a traffic jam. Then something else occurs but you keep trying to go there. It’s one of the ways to understand that this object isn’t worth your attention.

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