Happy New Year – A solar one … =)

By 09.02.2015 фэншуй

Why February 4th?
Chinese solar New Year is associated with the arrival of the Sun to
a certain point of the ecliptic, which coincides with the 15th degree of Aquarius.
It is this new year which is also used in Feng Shui and in the annual general
Forecasts for BaZi.

In other systems of Chinese metaphysics other dates are important. For example, in Mystic Doors (Qi Men Dun Jia) dates for summer and winter solstices are important,
February 4th there plays absolutely no role.

In the individual forecast for BaZi
ascending and descending cycles of qi are way more important than
the solstice, solar or lunar new year.

Chinese Lunar New Year (in 2015 – February 19) –
2nd new moon after the winter solstice,
and therefore it is a floating date.
Lunar New Year is celebrated by Chinese.

If they are not related to Feng Shui it is likely
they had never heard of the existence of the
date of February 4th.
So do not be surprised)

The best sector in 2015

Determining the best sector
strongly depends on the answer to the question “good for what?”.
For health? studies? are you employed or self-employed?

But if your problem is a lot of fantasies, plans and ideas –
but few that come to life …

If your problem is to bring something to realization … the result …
give the world what it needs and in get in return what you need …

Then the best sector in 2015 – is the north-east.

Especially the north-east-3 (15 degrees northeast, adjacent to the east).
If possible, set your desktop to the northeast.

What does the “activation” of Prince of the Year and the Year of the Destroyer influence?

Activation by repair, digging or drilling
Duke of the year – in 2015 the sector Goat, south-west-1 mainly
means health problems …
But not for all. Most people are at risk whn aged 70+.

Activation of the destroyer of the year – in 2015 it is the north-east-1
financial problems, unplanned spendings …
car damages, air conditioners etc …
Do not do repairs here, do not hammer nails.

But you might as well sit in the Duke, or the Destroyer year.

What to do if you have accidentally disturbed the western sector?

What to do if you or your loved accidentally disturbed a 5th yellow star?
And could potentially call the trouble for yourself …

For example, there are cases when people drilled into 5th yellow and got into the wiring …
Despite the fact that the wiring diagram seemed to be a completely empty sector!

So, if you have disturbed the west in 2015 …
you need to activate one of the Four Nobles

in this case the sector “Noble Dragon” northeast-3 (closer to the east).
Activate it by a fountain, candle, knock or just do the cleaning in the sector.

Traditional dates of commencement of work after the Christmas holidays

Chinese people stop working for New Year holidays,they close
offices and shops and announce a couple of weeks of vacation.
Therefore, it is important to choose the date of the first working day
after such holidays.

Start work after Chinese New Year:
February 23 6:30 am or 7-9 – clash with rats.
March 1, 2015, 9:30 am, the collision with the horse.

How do we use it?
For example, you can consciously create for you
or your company a little vacation,
3-7 days. After that, please resume in one of the
these dates.

This will fill the business drive with fresh energy

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