Flying Bird Falls into Cave

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There are 3 strong formations in Qi Men:

1. Flying Bird Falls into Cave 🐣

2. Green Dragon Returns 🐲

3. The Jade Maiden 💃

The first formation creates possibilities without effort…
It literally falls into hands and becomes a bird…like they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
but this formation is for fast people…

It doesn’t like passive and slow people with a lot of issues and excuses…

If you end up with two in the bush, then all you get is dashed hopes. And you will find yourself standing in the acid rain of disappointment…

As soon as your possibility is activated, grab it without a second thought! Hold it, convince it, bribe it, blackmail it and threaten it, don´t give it a chance to say „no”! (If men listened to “no”, there wouldn’t be children, right?)

The Dragon is slow. It has power over the past. The Dragon can bring something back, once it was lost. It is the master of the second chances.

But in contrast to The Bird, you should put some effort. You won´t get it for free.

The Maiden will remain behind the curtain today. Like a true schemer.

The easiest way to use Qi Men – as if it is Feng Shui – is to sit or lay in formations. I am not saying that this doesn´t work. This is an insult to my intelligence.

First, you should choose a date

  1. Where you have the bird/ the dragon/the maiden
  2. Connect it with your birth chart
  3. Do what you need. Also you should observe the manifestations
  4. Enjoy the result

Without Qi Men the process of achievement a goal looks like this (red lines). And this is how it looks with Qi Men (blue lines).

Red lines shoot blindly and lead to a dead end.

Blue lines connect invisible for others points, which should be checked on the way to the best-case scenario (green points).

In this situation you face reality distortion, which leads to a situation when

… the answer „no” was unavoidable…

… you weren’t supposed to make it …

… you had no way out…

… there wasn’t a product or a person, who could help you…

And you get the answer „yes”… very often even counterparty doesn’t know why he agreed to your terms…

Do you want to dive into theme of reality management?

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