Finding the Perfect Tense to Make a Wish

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Have you ever wondered whether wishes should be made in the Present, Future, or Past Tense?

Imagine you want to buy an apartment.
You are about to share this news with the world –
you take the pen and start writing a letter to Santa.
You have three options to formulate your wish, which one would you choose?

Option 1. In the year 2024, I am a proud owner of the apartment.
Option 2. In the year 2024, I will buy an apartment.
Option 3. In January 2024, I bought an apartment.

Well, it is not an easy task to figure it all out, therefore, I hope this article will help you to find The Right Answer.

In my humble opinion – there is no right answer (sorry for that))
Since Heaven does not speak the Human language,
according to Daoist treatises.

Find the answers in my book,
“In the Access Zone: How to Turn No into Yes”
on how to stay in touch
with Universal Wi-Fi,
to get what you want,
even if the odds are against you.

Or, to put it in different words –
Heaven is Inhuman.

By saying this I do not imply that Heaven hates Humanity
(at least I hope so).
It simply follows the rules different from ours.
It does not have qualities such as kindness…
It knows nothing about moral code.
It does not judge or blame.

How about a Tsunami, Typhoon, or volcanic eruption?
What do these natural disasters hold against you personally?
Nothing, probably.

The deepest water or the thickest stone slabs
do not care about your fears, concerns, hopes or
These things do not exist for you, however,
they also do not exist against you.

So, what does this “inhuman” characteristic have to do with tenses?

As I mentioned before,
Heaven (or Universe) does not speak the Human language.
What should we do in this case?
Well, in this case, we have to learn Heaven’s language.

In this sense, pictures are so much closer to the understanding
of the language of the Universe.
Or the language of Heaven.
Although I prefer using the word “reality,”
as Heaven is embedded in the Reality of the present.

What language is familiar to the so-called reality?
It does not understand our fantasies, thoughts…
Wonderful or incredibly sad constructions.
Constant rush between fear and hope,
as if you are searching for trends in the stock market.
Choosing to be in a state of euphoria or depression.

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction?
Reality understands us when we vividly imagine our dreams or goals,
in details.
When we put our energy into this dream picture.
When we have a feeling that things will work out the way we imagined.

What are the odds that a dream will come true?
Nearly 1/8 of humanity has the inborn ability to grant their wishes.
(this quality is incorporated in the date of their birth)
This quality implies that dreams come true the way you imagined them.
But it is not the same for the rest of the people.

Why? And what can be done to restore justice for the rest of us?
Certain qualities might solve this problem.
These qualities are parameters that are calculated using the system known as
Mystical Doors or Qi Men Dun Jia.

Speaking in technical terms of Qi Men,
these qualities relate to the deity known as Nine Heaven.
In turn, Nine Heaven provides people with the ability
to broadcast the picture and
attract its essence to themselves.

We can perceive Nine Heaven as an entity,
or an archetype of unconsciousness.
If you master this “quality”,
you will receive an answer on anything you ask.

Read more about 10 Qi Men Deities in my book,
“In the Access Zone: How to Turn No into Yes”.
To learn how to dream about money, real estate,
and relationships.
When you need clarity and insights on what
you want to achieve in life.
When you need protection
or energy lift.

In essence, Nine Heaven grants you with authority
to make wishes come true.
If you do not possess this authority,
the picture is nothing more than just a picture.

You can take a piece of paper and paint your dream on it.
Even though the picture is marvelous, it has no power.
It has no power or authority if it is not signed by a third party.
The third party that grants you with authority to sign and seal your dreams.
Keep in mind, that only genuine dreams are entitled to be signed.

Speaking in terms of Qi Men,
if you want to change something in your life,
consider studying Qi Men deities.
Using this knowledge, you can learn to shape your reality
as easily as turning water into ice of different shapes.
You can melt it many times until you get The Perfect Shape.

In this sense, wishes do not depend on the right tense, but on the shape of your reality.
It does not matter whether you dream an impossible dream in the present or past tense.
What matters is the ability to transmit your dream and receive feedback on it.

You can find valuable insights in my book,
“In the Access Zone: How to Turn No into Yes.”
This book is filled with useful instructions and materials to help you:
to attune to the language of Heaven;
to strengthen your wishes;
to make Heaven or Reality to hear you at last.

Learn to assess the Qi Men’s structures
to interpret events that happen in your life.
Learn how to “communicate” with Qi Men
to get useful insights.
Learn how to apply Qi Men
to take the most out of your task,
including meetings, negotiations, and important calls.

Qi Men may help to see opportunities that have not been noticed before.
It is as if we start to engage with this invisible world – the world of opportunities.

New Year’s Eve is the time to make wishes and set goals for the upcoming year.
So, do it right this time!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May your dreams (good ones) come true.

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