Feng Shui without bullshit

Many people believe that when I’m teaching a course I have to be wearing, for example, a red jacket. They are sure that a red color is more appropriate for this purpose… because red attracts luck and we are now living in the year of the Red Rooster. Most people imagine Feng Shui to be like this.

If I were writing a book on this topic, I would entitle it “Feng Shui without Bullshit,” although my first choice for the last word was even rougher. “Bullshit” is a compromise.

The fact of the matter is that the term feng shui has been devaluated, and by using it we build a wall that frightens people.

The space we inhabit influences us, but we don’t have to use the word “feng shui.”

We have two large groups of people. The first one consists primarily of 25-30-year-olds, but why do we have so few of them at our events? They are sure that everything is in their hands: they can get everything they want because there are no limits. But limits are around. When we are in our late thirties or early forties, we start to understand that there is something ruling our lives; our health breaks down and we realize that time, space, and our date of birth influence us.

The second group is “the camp of hope.” These people think it is necessary to use things that give us this hope: red clothing, for example. You have to make a wish and sit quietly in your hut, best of all in the bathroom, and wait for money to show up.

In both cases there’s no orgasm, because it requires two partners: one who is active and the other passive. By having these two worlds, we understand that limits do exist and bring influence.

At this moment, people who are in metaphysics realize that there’s a corridor; they try to fill it with their wishes. If only we take an active part in this process, we go can forward and make progress, because we see our strong and weak points before us and the limits we face.

We get result only if we combine metaphysics and actions; if we work hard. Our “fair wind” is about date selection. You should be wise in selecting a date for the event, because sometimes it is crazy to choose a good day; sometimes it is crazy not to choose one. Everything depends on the degree of your freedom. What matters is that we decide for ourselves to turn the other cheek or not. It depends on the degree of freedom you have to act as you want and need.

There are still two types of people who practice Feng Shui. One group is constantly trying to build a new universe. They say, “it is forbidden because of sha today, or because of the solstice, or something else.” They live in a box and don’t want to leave it for anything. The other group tries to find the key to open the box and free themselves.

For what do you use metaphysics and your ba zi chart? To tie people up or to free them? The answer is the real trick.

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