Feng Shui of the love zone: how to reach harmony in relationships? Part 2

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How to activate relationships with Feng Shui?

“Peach Blossom” symbolic star

If this factor was presented in your Ba-Zi chart, you wouldn’t be interested in the question of relationships. It is this symbolic star which means that the person is attractive to everybody. They are not necessarily the opposite sex. People just like watching you. They like listening to you. It’s an invisible charisma. Something intangible. The person may not understand why they like you, but they do. If this factor is presented in the Ba-Zi chart, especially if there are 2 or 3 of them, then he is especially attractive for the opposite sex. Peach Blossom determines your ability to be liked by others. But it’s up to you to decide how to use it.

Peach Blossom can be:

  • In the birth chart
  • On the plan of your house
  • At a definite period of time

We have already analysed its influence in the birth chart, now let’s see at the house and time.

“Feng Shui love zone” in your house
Classical Feng Shui methods work with the energies in the space, so it’s logical to suppose that a symbolic star has its symbolic reflection on the plan. It occupies the sector which corresponds with the Peach Blossom animal of the person on the 24 Mountains template. There are 4 animals which can be Peach Blossom symbolic stars:

  • Rat
  • Rabbit
  • Horse
  • Rooster

If your Peach Blossom star is the Horse, pay attention to this sector of the house. What is there in this part?

  • A toilet
  • A store room
  • A built-in wardrobe
  • It is blocked up with boxes
  • A window
  • A door
  • An empty wall

It’s unlikely that you’ve got 3 last options in your house, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. You would hardly be interested in this subject.

What should you do in other cases?
You can hardly do anything with the toilet in this sector, only keep it clean. But even in this case your relationships will be a bit spoilt… as in the example with my friend … the example I started this article with… But for other people I would recommend to empty this part of the house. The space of the Peach Blossom star should be clean. Energy should circulate freely, without obstacles.

Time for love and relationships
It’s necessary not only to use the space projection of the Peach Blossom star, but also the time one. Time spans are also the bearers of romantic energy. For example, if your Peach Blossom is the Horse, your attractiveness increases
– in Horse years (the recent ones were 2014 and 2016)
– in Horse months – from 5-7th of June to 5-7th of July
– on Horse days … O! You need to look at the Chinese Tong Shu calendar or the calendar at www.ba-zi.com

– Horse hours, from 11 to 13 every day
– of course, you should take into account the Horses in your Luck pillars. You can build your ba-zi chart, learn about your Peach Blossom symbolic stars and Luck pillars at www.ba-zi.com

To make conclusions:

  1. There’s no one sector in the house, common for everybody, which is responsible for relationships and their quality. People who learn Feng Shui know how to find it for a particular house and a particular person. They know how to use it properly. This individual approach works effectively and gives amazing results.
  2. There are different methods which are aimed at attracting relationships to life. First of all, it’s work with the Peach Blossom:
    • In your birth chart
    • On the plan of your house
    • Using time spans

    You’ve seen only the top of the iceberg. In fact, there are a lot of tools which can add colours, passion … and new relationships  to your life. But there’s a small nuance: all these methods require deep immersion into the magical world of Chinese metaphysics.

To go or not to go? It’s up to you to decide, as usual!

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