Feng Shui of the love zone: how to reach harmony in relationships? Part 1

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Let’s define love.

What is love for you?

  1. Long walks under the stars, or with the umbrella in the rain, or a dinner in a romantic atmosphere with candles on the terrace on the ocean shore and only after all that there’s two moon junction? 🙂 or … before that? 🙂
  2. Or all this preamble is not necessary, no moon junction …) only sex, a lot of it, passionate and different?

The second variant is closer to you? Then…. I remember one of my friends claimed that the toilet in the centre of the flat is ok. It was ok until somebody started digging in 3 sha close to his place. Then the potential problem became actual. The result: he was caught in a high street at night, naked with 2 streetwalkers.

Is this your style? Then you may use this scheme and place a toilet or a bathroom in the centre of you house. They will be “love zone” in your flat. It doesn’t mean that you have to make love only in this place 🙂 Of course not. This placement just activates definite energies and your life will be full of adventure.

But for the majority of my readers the first variant is closer, in my opinion. If you haven’t closed this page in anger, I’m hurrying to go on to tell you more interesting things.

To be or not to be: “Love zone” according to Feng Shui?

To begin with I have to tell that in classical Feng Shui there’s no sector of the house which can be called “love zone” by those who want to enhance or build relationships and which can be suitable for everybody and at any time. In fact, if you have read somewhere that you need to paint the south-west of your room red, place a couple of copulating hippos on a red cloth, then put a red candle close to them and your love life will improve – it’s bullshit…

Deep down, to be practical:

  • There’s only one “love zone” in the flat – it’s the place where your bed is..
  • Or two – if you use a table for this…
  • Or … well, you’ve got what I mean)

But it’s not connected with Feng Shui.

Let’s return on the territory of classical Feng Shui and talk about the influence of the space on your relationships. With your permission I’ll forget the phrase “love zone according to Feng Shui” 🙂 and will go on to call things their names, which are simple, but reveal the essence.
“Love zone” in your house is your bed!

Does the bed really influence romantic relationships?

Yes, it does. In the theory of 8 directions there’s a sector in your house which can help to build relationships if your bedroom will be located in it. This sector is called Nien Yen, it is defined for the Gua of the house. This way, it’s very likely for 1/8 of all the houses that Nien Yen will be located in the same place. For the houses with Gua 6 it will be in the south-west. 🙂

Why for 1/8? Because there are 8 possible Gua for a house as well as for a person.

If the bedroom is in this sector, it is good for all people who sleep in it. It helps to:

  • Build relationships. They may be love, friendship or working relationship.
  • Make friends and find mutual understanding.

The bed which stands in the Nien Yen sector, or the bed which looks in this direction helps the person “absorb” Qi while they are asleep. This direction reconciles people and helps to meet a sweetheart. Nien Yen also helps to break up with an undesirable person, it helps to do it easily and painlessly for both parties.

In classical books it is said, “If you want to marry the landlord’s daughter, place yourself in Nien Yen direction”. But it’s not clear from the phrase in whose direction. Wise Chinese people formulated their thoughts in such a way that only the select few could put them into practice; those who know the subject, understands the interaction of elements and reasons and consequences. In fact, you should place yourself in the Nien Yen direction of the landlord’s daughter. What will happen in this case? The boy will be in the direction auspicious for the girl.

Every night she will be thinking about him before falling asleep. “I wonder if he will come to see me, or should I come first?”…Does it happen that Nien Yen direction doesn’t work? It sometimes happens, but it’s another story which requires a deeper theory of 8 Mansions. I have already written about the influence of figures placed next to the bed in the article “Symbols and charms to attract well-being”.