Even The Luckiest Ones Are Not Getting Rich That Easily

Some days bring auspicious energy in terms of wealth or finance;
however, it does not mean that you will get rich all of a sudden,
it merely means that you have this energy.
The rest – depends on you. 🌞

See how it works:
Firstly, when we talk about these lucky days
(including dates for a lottery – you can find this section in the Bazi tab of our web app),
we assume a shift of probability,
and probability is not a victory itself – it is a key to victory.

In other words, your chance of winning increases from 1/1,000 000 to 1/100 000 (or even 1/10,000). However, it does not change the fact that merely one person out of 10,000 people will get this winning ticket.

Therefore, the above-mentioned “Dates for a Lottery” is an experiment,
to check how well this technique works in practice.

To be honest, I would be more thrilled to know that a person got a dream job,
or signed a contract,
rather than won the lottery when using these days
(which may also be referred to as days for financial growth).

So, in my opinion,
it is better to rely on something “earthly,”
something that is within our control.
It is not just as if you try to get something out of space of pure luck and random numbers.
In this sense, luck alone will not make you rich.

If you look at the history of Metaphysics,
you will notice that some of the most proficient masters of this art
decided to learn this art for the sake of knowledge or experience –
not because they wanted to earn more money.

After all, some of them were wealthy and well-known long before they began to study Metaphysics. Their primary interests in metaphysics were synchronicity and interconnections among things in the Universe.

So, the first thing to your financial success is a desire to know more.
Secondly, even if Feng Shui creates opportunities,
you still have to work… gold bars will not fall on your head.
Luckily for you, otherwise you would need to wear a construction or a motorcycle helmet,
and that would not make you happy 😉

All the masters of Feng Shui that I know personally,
work a lot.
Additionally, they do know Feng Shui very well.
So, what are they doing with all this knowledge and hard work?
Well, as you can see, they do not spend all day sitting in the chaise lounge doing nothing.

To sum up, if everything that you want is a magic button,
then without seeing the whole picture,
or doing the donkey work – you will get little to nothing (most likely nothing).

For instance, I am one of the most successful professional consultants in Feng Shui.
I had only two days off in the last six months.
I am not saying this to complain about my life, after all, I love what I do.
You can believe me or not, it is way more interesting than watching TV all day long.

Do what you love to do and one day you will succeed.
The reason why I am saying all this is to illustrate that there are no shortcuts –
even if you have reached the top (whether in Feng Shui or not) – you still have to work.

So, what is the formula for achieving success using metaphysical techniques and methods?

  1. Find something you enjoy doing and create a project in this field.
  2. Choose special dates for major steps you take (Golden Days may help with that).
  3. Request a general consultation on Bazi, Qi Men, or I Ching (for instance, if you want to
    know whether to work with someone or not, etc.).
  4. Ensure you have great Feng Shui.

Even though it may seem tough, it is a straight path to success.

You might as well say that Feng Shui is a key to start the mechanism
(business, project, or career).
If you do not have a business or career,
then zero multiplied by Feng Shui is equal to zero.

It is an ultimate truth that lies on the other side of promotion and advertisement –
beyond the veil of rosy clouds.
The truth that no one wants to hear,
but this truth is still beautiful because it proves that Feng Shui works.
This is a key that opens the door to some real changes.

To be continued…

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