Even The Luckiest Ones Are Not Getting Rich That Easily (Part 2)

What are the chances of having a bad day even though it is supposed to be a good one (according to the Metaphysical Calendar)?

Well, anything is possible, which means you may have a bad day.

I have been asked the very same question quite a few times –
the person is supposed to have a good day (for instance, a Golden Day),
but in practice, this person is having a bad day.
For instance, he or she lost a deal or received an injury while training.

Unfortunately for me (and many people out there),
the Auspicious does not mean the Perfect.
You will not be showered with rose petals (it depends on the situation, of course)), 🌹
and none will sing you “Hallelujah” (if you do not plan to visit a church). 😇

To prove my point, let’s assume you do not expect an apology or proposal from your loved ones and you do not have a habit of visiting church on auspicious days.

In this sense, the auspicious day is a regular day.
The auspicious energies of this day,
will not prevent you from finding out that your wife or husband is cheating on you with your best friend or a secretary;
finding out about a serious diagnosis; receiving major injuries;
or losing money.

So, what is the point of using these days? Why should you or I rely on them since they will not prevent bad things from happening?

To answer these questions, I gathered some pieces of useful information that may also serve you as a guide on using auspicious days:


You choose the day to initiate a major project (business or life-related). After all, a successful marriage is a project as well. In turn, if you choose the right day, many aspects of your project may run smoothly and contribute to your success. However, the date alone does not define the outcome of your project. For instance, you have an exam on February 12 and that is your auspicious day. But you know nothing about the subject. Will you get a good grade? The answer is no.

However, once I prepared only one question for the exam and received the same question during the exam. That is pure luck, it would not be wise to rely on this all the time.

Another example is a couple that wants to marry. If the relationships are disharmonious – they simply do not fit each other – their marriage will most likely end in divorce. Regardless of the fact whether you chose the right or wrong date for the ceremony. However, the right date may secure a relatively good process for dealing with occurring problems, depending on your overall situation. Perhaps, the communication will be less destructive and more constructive.

Since we are discussing long-term relationships,
I have a question for you –
should someone blame a consultant for choosing the wrong date for the marriage
if the couple decides to divorce after 15 years of marriage?

It is as if someone would blame the automobile manufacturer for the broken gearbox.
I mean, you could, but the car was bought 15 years ago. 🚗

Do not get me wrong,
I am not comparing marriage to a car,
I simply imply that it makes no sense to blame someone if something is broken
after working for many years.

Relationships as well as things may be broken.
However, you decide whether you want to fix them.

Choose the auspicious date for a specific goal (certain event or activity). For instance, if the day is good for opening a shop, it may not be appropriate for getting married. In other words, different days are used for various purposes.
Consider whether the day fits the person as well (take a look at 10 Gods; interactions with the Bazi chart; the presence of Useful God in the date, and personal Tai Sui).
When selecting the right day to initiate the major project, pay attention to the time as well (hours and minutes). All the hours are not the same, some bring good energy and some bad. In this sense, the good day may contain worthless hours (meaning, you will not get any significant results during this period) or even worse hours (that may lead to catastrophic events).

Date Selection is by all means a fascinating art.
It includes many different aspects.
In addition, the outcome may also depend on the Feng Shui of the consultant and their client.

Lastly, it is not enough just to know the right day and time –
you have to be able to realize what is planned.
Good luck never hurts.

If you want to skip the details,
take a look at our ready-made products,
such as Golden Days or the Metaphysical Calendar,
that include favorable days and times for the most dashing endeavors of yours.

Good luck finding the right time to realize everything you have been dreaming of!

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