Do you want to be an employee or self-employed?

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If we are talking about job, you have 3 opportunities to earn money:
1. To be an employee
2. To run a business
3. To work for yourself

Well… 4. To invest…
But this is a different way of making money.

I was an employee for 2 weeks.
Except that I was guarding a book warehouse in the youth …
But I don’t think, that this is a real job, because there were
a) books b) 3 working computers.

I remember how owner was shocked, when I had stopped by driving 5 BMW to collect unpaid wages. That happened in a few months after I had quit the job. Just for your information, I could tank a car in a half with this salary.

It took 1 month to buy BMW
A bad streak was over…

This is a typical example of BaZi chart “ follow wealth structure”
(I am talking about my chart).

Ups and downs
It’s like being on a roller coaster.

So the third option of  making money is the worst.
It requires schizophrenia:
you are an employer and an employee at the same time.

I know, that the Kama Sutra can help you find a way out from any hopeless situation,
but not everyone is flexible enough 😉

…Check your chart Qi Men and look at time of birth please.
If the life door in the palace is lame and controls us,
business isn´t a good option for you…

At this point, you have 2 possibilities.
1. To be an employee
3. The Kama Sutra

But I figured out how to run a business, if it’s contraindicated.

The first solution is to work as a pseudo-employee.

Long story short: You can be a representative of a company and work without constant oversight. But officially you are an employee.

The second solution is to buy a business.

And this is very interesting, because the life door means development…
If you buy already finished system, there is no the life door anymore.

If you have been following my work for a long time carefully, you may have noticed, that I use this 2 options.

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