Connecting Dots Between Life and Planning

Is the planning that necessary?
Each time everything goes terribly wrong…Perhaps, it is worth looking at it the other way:

(!) Plans do not have to happen the way you intended.
(!!) Planning is a way of thinking:
It gives us a framework to shape our thoughts.
It gives us a structure to think about future events.

Below, you can find a few tips that I use when it comes to planning:

  1. Keep an eye on your progress.

You wanted to improve various aspects of your life.
You made plans for the upcoming year.
Nothing has been accomplished by the end of the year.

You did not find time to look at what you had planned before.
You have been ignoring them for the whole year.
It is impossible to implement everything in one day.

One day is not enough.
One day will not change anything.

So, look at your progress every week or every day.
Take a small step every week or every day.

And the next year, you will find that all your plans are accomplished.

  1. Write it down.

Grab a pen and write down all your plans for the upcoming year!
I am not joking – it works.

Do not keep your plans in the head – let them out!
Let them live and thrive in the real world (at least in your notebook)).

  1. Challenge your desires.

Ask yourself what you want and answer it honestly.
When deciding on what you want to achieve in life –
ask yourself a simple question “Why.”

You may want to lose weight, live longer, or make more money.
So, ask yourself why you want to achieve these goals.


You want to lose weight to stay in shape and be healthy.
You want to live longer to see your children grow.
You want to make more money to prove something to yourself.

Keep on asking yourself such questions until you get an honest answer.

It may make you feel emotional,
but at the same time,
you may feel a surge of energy.

Reasons for achieving something in life may vary –
they can be utterly ridiculous or truly astonishing.
It does not matter!

The only thing that has value is what you want.
So, keep on searching.

Once you find it, keep it closer to your heart.
When in doubt, return to your one and only reason.
This reason is the fuel that keeps you moving towards your goal.

Keep in mind, that “weight loss,” “still working in my 80s,”
and “becoming a billionaire before turning 20” are superficial goals.
Dive deeper into the subconsciousness and discover what stands behind these dreams.

To get the job done faster –
implement the major steps toward your goal on specially selected dates.

Your plans may go astray, and take an unexpected twist,
to lead you to even bigger gains!

Summing Up

I make plans for the whole year.
I designate dates (or months) for every task.
Dates may be changed; tasks may be transformed.

By knowing when your tasks must be accomplished,
you return to them at least once a week,
thus, you stimulate your subconsciousness to find appropriate solutions.

That is how you can implement the impossible.
Search for answers even in your dreams.
Overcome any obstacles.

P.S. Life is just a game. Nothing is stopping you from reaching any goal in life. The question is whether you want to work on achieving this goal. Perhaps, TV, couch, and steady work sound more compelling to you. But what if you try…

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