City, Where I Have Met Myself

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This time the story unfolds in Singapore. I spent several days there, and I want to share with you a few insights that I found interesting.

On my first day in Singapore,
I indulged in my favorite activity –
strolling across the streets without a map or any purpose.
Diving and surfing across the unknown land, so to speak.
My observations and thoughts evoked by that day could have made up a separate article.
For instance, I would love to share my experience of playing casinos,
and probably, I will share it one day.

Today’s piece of story takes me to a slightly different place – a pub.
At the end of the day,
I came across the Irish pub to drink a beer to cool myself down a bit,
because the heat was literally unbearable.
I started a conversation with a guy from the United States,
who has been working in Singapore for 10 years already.
During our conversation, he revealed a secret.
A secret related to happiness:

In Singapore, seasons do not change each other, therefore, people do not feel that life is passing away.
At least, this feeling is not clearly manifested through changing seasons.
Nevertheless, the guy is still missing autumn. And we cannot blame him for that!)

However, I remember he mentioned “f***ing life,”
but it was probably just a figure of speech)

This conversation reminded me of lines from one of my favorite poets,
and his remark on seeing ruins behind our lives.
The conversation alone was colder than the beer and made me feel the freezing wind of the impermanence in the city of extreme heat.

Luckily for me, I spent the second day in a less melancholic state of mind.
In the morning I met one of my teachers – Mater Vin Leo!
And he invited me to visit his office.

Imagine being put in a circle of people who reached the goals, that you could only imagine in your most ambitious dreams!

They do not have to fight for money, as they have countless amounts of them.
They continue doing business simply because
they no longer see the difference between game and work.
They write articles and books.
They are busy studying classics because they want to know more.
Those people will not devote the rest of their lives lying on the beach.
They do not have to consult or teach – they successfully implement Feng Shui for themselves and their businesses.

They have reached an ultimate level of freedom
when they are no longer attached to material things.
As they say, the world is a hotel,
and you will not be able to put money or other assets in the pocket of your last shirt.

These are some of the insights that I gained during my stay in Singapore,
visiting Mater Vin Leo.
Experience that goes beyond the boundaries of Feng Shui.

Well, insights related to Feng Shui will remain a secret for now.
At least for now!

I am leaving you with a few photos to cast light on the Feng Shui of the place:

The Main “Water Mouth” in Singapore.
The column opposite the entrance of the mall.
I believe that it was placed there for a reason that might not compline with a usual explanation.
Qi that flows down the escalator right to the restroom.
One of the most popular shrines in Singapore.
It is so crowded that it is impossible to come in.
Feng Shui must have something to do with that!)
Office of one of the most popular Feng Shui companies located in the mall.
I always thought that Feng Shui masters should place their offices in the most thriving places.

Even “Apple” is using Feng Shui in Singapore.

Wishing you a great Feng Shui!

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