Choice of dates on the other side of “pink clouds” — part 2

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Often I am asked how it is possible to choose a favorable day, but the person, in reality, had an unsuccessful day. For example, a broken contract, or the person was injured while training.

The day designated as favorable doesn’t mean that it will be ideal. It, not that everybody, everywhere, will have rose petals thrown at his feet, and choirs will sing hallelujah on this day. Just as on any other day, someone can catch his wife in bed with the best friend or the husband with the secretary. Someone will lose money or will break a leg; someone receives a deadly diagnosis, and someone, a second before going walking into a bright light, will realize that it is a fuel truck bearing down on him.

In what sense is it necessary to consider the usefulness of dates?

Here are some clues that will help to clear up this misconception and answer this question.

1. Dates are chosen to start an event. If dates are chosen correctly, processes will flow more smoothly. But the date itself doesn’t define a situation or predict the outcome. Example: a choice of date, time and the direction for an exam will not help if the person is an absolute 0 in this subject. (Though I somehow learned the only ticket for an exam, and it was pulled out-:) The other example: if the couple is disharmonious and incompatible, they will divorce, irrespective of whether it was a good or bad date for a wedding. A good date can only make the process more painless and constructive. By the way, is it worthwhile blaming the consultant for the incorrectly chosen date of a wedding if the couple divorced in 15 years? It is the same as blaming the car manufacturer because 15 years after purchase the transmission is busted.

2. We look at the usefulness of date for a certain type of an event. For example, the date favorable for shop opening cannot be favorable for a wedding.

3. We consider the usefulness of date for the specific person (10 deities, interaction with the card of a Ba Zi, the existence of a useful deity in date, personal Tai Sui).

4. Certainly, never ignore time (hours and minutes) to start important deals. Not all hours are good. On a good day, there can be a set of useless or even catastrophic hours.

In general, a choice of favorable date is an art. The outcome of the choice of date partly depends on a good luck of both good Feng Shui of the consultant and Feng Shui of the client.

Yes, by the way, there is one more important aspect: the client has to have sufficient good luck that he could USE the chosen date. The date choice is the one thing, and the actual opportunity of your thoughts realization at the appointed time is some other story.

Good luck to you in search of dates!

Choice of dates on the other side of “pink clouds” — part 1, a success formula

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