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Feng Shui without bullshit

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Many people believe that when I’m teaching a course I have to be wearing, for example, a red jacket. They are sure that a red color is more appropriate for this purpose… because red attracts luck and we are now living in the year of the Red Rooster. Most people imagine Feng Shui to be like this.

If I were writing a book on this topic, I would entitle it “Feng Shui without Bullshit,” although my first choice for the last word was even rougher. “Bullshit” is a compromise.
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Lock, stock and Feng Shui

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“I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui; using it helps me to make money”
– these are words of Donald Trump, whose fortune amounts to an estimated $4.5 billion.

“As a businessman, I am not that stupid to ignore this 5000-years old art,” he is reported to have said in an interview.

By the way, during his speech in Moscow, Jack Canfield, a millionaire and one of the creators of “The Secret” film, said that he consults his Feng Shui master every year :).

So, skeptics should consider whether or not their opinions might be costing them money.
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Ask a question!

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Hello there, I hope you have liked my page and my posts and now you are ready to ask some question on how to improve your luck or how to make your living better in general?

Not a problem – I am ready to answer some questions you might have! I promise it will be almost instant. Write whatever you want to know below, I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you!