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Mystical doors and relationships

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Qi Men charts is one of the
most precise methods to read the luck in private life.
While analysing relationships we
look at the following:
– the Door of Birth
– 6 Harmonies Deity
– The place of Ji wood and Geng metal
– The place of the Palace of Life
Ji wood stands for the wife, Geng Metal – for the husband.
If the Open Door is in one of these palaces,
the relationships are under threat…
They are open for the third party to appear…

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Indirect Wealth Profile

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What is “indirect money” or “indirect wealth”?

These people are excellent risk-managers able to turn any business into gold. They introduce new laws and rules, they are risk-takers. People with the Indirect Wealth Profile consider risks to be challenges which are to be overcome.

Yang Profile

Indirect Wealth Profile means that the person can be pragmatic and determined. Such people are not tired of socializing, on the contrary, we can see them real only in communication.  Yang profiles are easy to realize themselves only when they are surrounded by other people. They have got a calculating and pragmatic mind.
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4 levels of love

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Love is an abstract noun.
Hearing this word some people imagine a bunch of flowers,
some – a night in the hayloft.
There are 4 levels of love:
physical, psychical,
intellectual, transcendental.
Love is like water conditions:
ice, water, steam.
The essence of water is permanent, the forms are different.
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How to choose a flat?

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In metaphysics, as well as in other fields of knowledge we use, strategy is the most important thing. Nothing is an art without it, just a lifeless formula. The same way, in any house or flat the most important thing is Tai Chi, the point that connects everything and the principal thing in a house, the source of life in it. It’s a good idea to start looking for this point with simple things, after that you can complicate the parameters.

When you are looking for a flat, you should take the following steps:
Look at the neighbourhood.
Look at the house.
Look at the flat.
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How to find the shortest way to money

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There’s a limited number of ways to having money in our world. You can make it by doing business or going up the career ladder, or you may get happily married, or come into fortune … you may win a lottery or steal money. I may have missed one or two ways, but this succession is quite complete. Among the above mentioned ways career and business are under our control.
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Opportunity Cost

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Especially useful for mathematical minds 🙂

People often choose a date
it may be in a month or in two
or in a year…
and people wait for this date to start this or that project
to buy a house or a car
to put a bed or a table in another place
switch on a fountain
start a new business.
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