Can you improve your luck?

The arguments around luck will never cease 🙂

What is luck? – This is a philosophical question. Some people say: work hard and you’ll get everything; luck has nothing to do with it. Others lie on their sofas and pray, “Oh, Luck, come here! I’ve been waiting for you so long.” What do they do? What effort do they make? None. Result: none as well.

There is a more moderate way. You do something and make a certain effort. At least you know what helps you generate your cash flow at the moment. You run your own business, or you’re an employee, a consultant, or a middleman. It’s OK. You’re doing SOMETHING. The fact is that you spend too much energy, but the result is not the one you would expect. Or you are slowly reaching your financial ceiling and increasing your profit only by 1.5; you might be doing 2 times more, or 5, or 10.

What does Luck give to you? It accelerates your activity. New chances appear, necessary people are attracted, a good team gets together, and your problems are solved quickly or disappear. Well, sometimes you need to work hard, give direction, stand up from your armchair and go somewhere. But your cash flow is increasing more quickly; you have more time for yourself, hobbies, family, and travelling.

The good news: Luck can be generated. But before that you should define your philosophy of luck. To do this, choose one option below.

1. Luck is what is given when you are born and doesn’t change over the years. In simple words, if a person is born a loser, nothing will help him.
2. Luck is how hard we work. If we apply 100% of our energy, we get 100% of luck back. Our success is absolutely under control.
3. Luck is a ship upon which we are born, but to use it we need to “clue up.”
4. Luck is the potential with which we are born; it changes every year. A person can change it with the help of amplifiers such as Chinese metaphysics.

If you chose the first option, I advise you to work on your mental tuning. It is the basis of success. If you are sure that your luck or unluckiness is permanent, nothing can help you.

If you chose the second variant, do one simple exercise. Every day in the evening take a sheet of paper, a notebook, or a telephone and write how many hours you have been working, what productivity you have (from 1% to 100%), and how much you have earned today. Summarize all this at the end of the week. Multiply the productivity (in %) by the number of hours you worked. Now divide your earnings into the number of hours. How much do you get? Compare the results every day – the hours you spend and how much you have earned per hour.

For example, you may have worked 10 hours with 50% productivity. And you have earned $50 for this time. The productive time is 5 hours. The cost per hour is $10. In a week you’ll get these figures:
5 hours – $10 per hour
6 hours – $8 per hour
8 hours – $9 per hour
and so on

As you can see, the effort you made is not proportionate to the time spent. You better calculate this figure yourself 🙂 Now you can say that your income doesn’t depend on the number of hours, that you get a commission… Everything depends on your weekly or monthly income and the number of deals. This is your work for the perspective and sooner or later you’ll be promoted. But be honest with yourself. Has your effort always been proportionate to the result? Haven’t you had days when you did everything possible but it failed? Or you had a “difficult month” or some other problem?

If you chose variants 3 or 4, I would recommend getting more knowledge of Chinese metaphysics and use it as an intensifier of your luck. In this case, you can increase your luck from 10% to 70%. But remember that a lot depends on your mental tuning.

As a matter of fact, metaphysical techniques work well as an intensifier. When you know exactly what should be initiated, and at what time, you do this and get a great result! The 20/80 principle works. Why on earth do you need to spend 80% of your energy and to only 20% of the money? I don’t understand it. I do the opposite.

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