The binary code game with the Universe

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Today we are going to talk about the Mystical Gates.

The Chinese commanders of the past have been using this art to win the greatest battles in history.

It would not take much effort to apply simple techniques of the Mystical Gates even at this very moment. They are described in my book, which can be found at link. In fact, in the beginning, you can find a whole block dedicated to the Art of Mystical Gates.

There is something many people do not know about the generals of the past. For example, Sun Tzu, who is studied in military academies and is known as a military strategist, was at the same time a master of Qi Men Dun Jia.

It was the same case for almost all the great commanders of the East. Academies teach the philosophical part, but they miss the practical training…

Why in the book “The Art of War” is there a chapter called “Attack by Fire,” but no mention about attacks by water, stones or iron?

How did the generals decide whether it is a good time to advance, retreat, or maneuver?

With the help of Qi Men Dun Jia, Zhuge Liang helped to win the Battle of the Red Cliffs. There is a movie about it called “Battle of Red Rock.”

Qi Men Dun Jia, in translation from the Chinese, is “the Art of Mystical Gates,” where we use 1080 tables.

These tables are built on every year, every month, every day, and every hour. Tables are also built on the moment of a person’s birth.

All the 1080 tables are used in daily tables, hourly tables, and tables of a person’s birth time period. In annual and monthly tables, only half of them are used.

Each table of the Mystical Gates contains the following components:

  • The Gate (that is why the art is called “the Art of Mystical Gates”)
  • Heavenly Trunks
  • Stars
  • Deities

The structure itself is quite complex. Try to imagine five floors that are projected onto the plane surface of the table.

For newbies: If you have ever played tic-tac-toe, you would know that you need a square with eight sectors plus one central sector located within the square.

We play mystical tic-tac-toe with the Universe.

The binary code game with the Universe.

Time is linear and uniform in the Western or Cartesian model. There is no difference between the current time and the time two hours later. This is just a frigid, mathematical, physical time. An entire entity without quality. There is only quantity.

Chinese time and the idea that they got, whether from previous civilizations or aliens, is built on the idea of discontinuity and the fact that time has a certain quality.

The day is divided into Chinese two-hour periods. There are hours of the Rat, Bull, Pig, etc. An hour is divided into 10 minutes. It is divided evenly into smaller intervals, such as four minutes.

It has something in common with European astrology, in which every four minutes one degree of the zodiac changes accordingly.

If a person is born with a four-minute difference, the ascendant – the point of sunrise – will be different.

You can learn more about the Art of Mystical Gates by following the link link, and apply
the strategies of the ancient generals in your life and your business.

As was said before, the Art of Mystical Gates is based on the idea of time discontinuity. Discontinuity of time is described through so-called Deities, Gates, Stars, Heavenly Stems and the quality of the Palaces themselves.

(These little squares, in which factors of the Tsi Men table are located).

In many ways, the level of our fortune or misfortune is determined by the level of energy. If we have a high level of energy, different kinds of things would occur in our lives. In many ways, our success, health and so on are determined by the level of energy.

With the help of the Mystical Gates, you can raise the energy level.

In every two-hour period at the current time, we have a vibration that is described by the strange term “White Tiger.”

It refers to a Deity, but it is a certain quality of energy, a quality of Qi.

“White Tiger” is located in one of eight directions. It is clearly outlined during six months on the table of the Mystical Gates, although the other half of the year it stays unclear.

The reason for this lays in the fact that “White Tiger” is paired with an energy called “Boarding Hook.”

You have to find the Qi Men Dun Jia table for the current two hours…

You can learn how to do that in my book, which can be found at link.

Using this information, at this very moment, you can find the location of either “White Tiger” or “Boarding Hook” on the table. (In the case of “Boarding Hook,” the “White Tiger” will be hiding behind it).

This is a strange term called Bai Hu in Chinese

The Chinese love colorful names…

For example, “White Tiger” or “Crimson Phoenix.”

You can always name them differently.

Now you have some sort of software code, and by using it you’ll get an increase in energy.

  • If you need a lot of energy before performing on stage,
  • or you feel bad.
  • Maybe you have a weak immune system, but you have to work hard,
  • or you have to drive for a long time and you are already tired.

It is necessary to find in the current two-hour period a compass direction called “White Tiger.” Once you do, here are some things you should do:

  • Turn backward to it.
  • Relax, calm the internal dialogue (calm that crazy monkey!).
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Connect to that energy.
  • Imagine that you are filled with energy, power, fire, warmth, enthusiasm, etc.

Imagine the very picture of the energy concept in your subjective reality.

This can be visualized as a software code or a certain Wi-Fi amplifier.

You simply make a call using the right phone number.

Don’t try a random phone number to get to the right department.

Instead, make the right call and use Mystical forces.

From a technical standpoint, in the practice of the Mystical Gate, many tend to look at it in black and white light. There are bad Qi Men Gods and good Gods…

Once again, this is not a religion; we do not pray.

We use the word “Deity” because many years ago they did not come up with anything else.

You can simply call it an application.

It’s the same as if you’re running the “Timer” application or “Instagram” application on your phone.

Similarly, you can run the “Energy” application in your head and find the option “White Tiger” in the current two-hour period.

You can find this technology with all details in my book:

If you are interested in the theme of the Mystical Gate and want to know more, tell me in the comments below and I will be happy to explain more about the usage of the strategies of the ancient generals in everyday life, in business, to achieve goals, avoid pitfalls and other things, in a quite non-academic format, as you’ve already noticed 😉

Non-Academic Mystical Gates for the man of today and for modern business.

Everything depends on whether you are a beginner practitioner of Mystical Gates or you are already familiar with the subject.

If you are just starting your path, you need to work hard with these directions to build trust. Then you can set the “Mystical Gates” application in your head. After this, you can run it on request.

After some practice, you don’t even have to turn back in that direction.

You simply call it up by the power of thought.

This is “anchoring” in terms of the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) language.

You already have internal built-in anchors, you have memories of how it was, how you felt the energy you saw, and you call up this application.

Then all 1080 tables become a part of your consciousness. This is very interesting.

It is not necessary to go through external manipulations. But firstly, while the application is not yet installed, you need to work on it.

This is what my book is about. You can find it at link.

By the way, I want to share a secret 🙂

We are writing the next book, in which we will go much deeper into the theme of the Mystical Gates.

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