Being employed or SELF-employed?

By 05.02.2015 фэншуй

The work plan has 3 possibilities:
1. Employment
2. Business
3. Self-employment

Well …there is one more: 4. Investment …
But it is a completely “different animal”

I was employed for 2 weeks.
Well, except for that month
when I guarded a book warehouse when I was young …
But I do not think it’s an actual job,
there were: a) books b) 3 working computers

I remember owner’s surprised eyes,when a couple of months after I quit, I came on BMW 5 to pick up my last salary…
(= Half full of fuel, perhaps)

I earned my BMW in a month)
Period of darkness has finished …

A typical example of a BaZi map “follow the
money “… (I’m talking about my own map)

Ups and downs …
roller coaster

So, out of three job possibilities
the third option is the worst
It requires schizophrenia: you are the boss
and the slave to yourself at the same time.

I understand that the Kama Sutra suggests a way out of any desperate situation,
but not everyone has a sufficient flexibility;)

… If we look at the Qimen map
at the time of birth, and if the Gate of Life palace
but still controls us,
then the option of personal business is closed …

Remains option 1. employment
or option 3: kamasutra-;)

But I found a clever trick:

How to do business if it is in prohibition.
Answer: a) pseudo-employment

In short: you can become the representative of some company having maximum freedom. But technically you are employed ..

Answer b) buy a business
The Gates of Life mean growth …
and if you buy a ready system,
it is no longer the Gates of Life …

If you follow my work
for a long time,
with sufficient observation you
may have noticed that I use both.

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