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Ask a question!

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White clock with words Time for Questions on its face

Hello there, I hope you have liked my page and my posts and now you are ready to ask some question on how to improve your luck or how to make your living better in general?

Not a problem – I am ready to answer some questions you might have! I promise it will be almost instant. Write whatever you want to know below, I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you!

Can’t keep your promise – pay!

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One IT developer from The Netherlands Peter Levels travels around the world and creates one Internet startup per month.
I especially liked this one: write your goal, timing and amount at stake. If the target is not reached, you gotta pay.
I’ve always played this game with my friends, but not online.
Highly recommended – :)This fellow man, has already around $ 60,000 on broken promises.

The most mystical and “horrifying”…

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For our requests and prayers to be heard,
we need to do it in silence … in the internal silence …

0. We define an “authority,” which we will ask …
1. Stop the internal dialogue. We enter into the alpha state …

2. Make a wish.
3. Watch …

Usually there are 3 signs that our wishes started to run …
These signs can be formal or informal.
For example, some song or some strange recurring number.

We meet the first sign. The world began to respond to our request.
We meet the second character. A sign showing that we continue to be in the flow of the plan implementation.

Instead of the third sign often we see the fulfillment of the desire.

Watch pieces of the most mystical topics …
Mystical Qimen or how The Gods of Qimen fulfill your desires …
The ancient Chinese art of asking and receiving. To fight and to win. Including the battle with the internal weaknesses and demons.


FOR FREE. A short instruction on how to make your wishes come true.
Just call to the desired God!