Three main points in Feng Shui audit: the main door, the cooker, the bed

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What is a classical Feng Shui? it’s knowledge written in ancient Chinese texts, which was passed from the Teacher to the Student and it is passed now the same way. This knowledge is set out in a metaphorical way, it is coded, and if you don’t have a key, you have no chance to understand it.

Moreover, texts, books and sites are not enough, it’s only one half of the necessary. Feng Shui is an art, a subtle thing, that’s why the Master is very important in classical Feng Shui. Classical feng Shui is not based on psychology, but on objective knowledge. … So it doesn’t need to be believed in.

You may believe that your main door faces unauspicious direction or you may not, you get the result anyway.

3 main points in Feng Shui audit:

  1. The main door. If we talk about the interior, we pay attention to the front door at first, because it’s Qi mouth (energy). If Qi coming into the house is poisoned, then all the house is poisoned, it’s like you eat poisoned food – the whole body is poisoned. The front door is the thing of utmost importance. You often can transform your life by only changing the front door of the house.
  2. The kitchen and the cooker. A man is what he eats. We eat food, it becomes us. so if it’s prepared on the cooker standing in negative Qi, in an energetically bad place, with the course of time it will be influencing our health, children’s studies and so on.
  3. The bedroom and the bed. We spend one third of our life on the bed being absolutely vulnerable. That’s why the place where the bed stands is very important, as well as the direction and the exterior of the bedroom. If there’s a building site outside your house, and it’s not been in progress for some years, it’s Sha and it’s not auspicious. The quality of the bed is also important. If we divert our attention away from Feng Shui, you shouldn’t sleep on a bad mattress, on an unstable bed, on a sofa bed with spaces between its parts, because all these things negatively influence your spine. You don’t relax at night, don’t recharge yourself, that’s why you can’t be productive during the day, and it’s very bad.

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