Is It Possible To Attract Luck And Fortune?

I selected several of my articles on this topic.
I brought them together so you can get all the recommendations in one place,
on what should be done in order to attract luck despite its elusiveness.

Just use the methods I described in article “Your Steps toward a Dream”.

About The Author

Vladimir Zakharov is a Feng Shui expert with 20 years’ experience, Doctor of Chinese Metaphysical Arts, and Dean of the Faculty of Metaphysics of the European Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Education (Germany).He is a licensed instructor of the Academy of Chinese Metaphysics Mastery (founder master Joey Yap, Malaysia), and the author of courses on Bazi, Feng Shui, and I-Jing.

Vladimir Zakharov gained his knowledge from internationally recognized Feng Shui masters in Singapore and Malaysia. He has a Feng Shui Mastery Diploma and Bazi Mastery Diploma (distinction).

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