Do you want to get urgent Metaphysical help and recipe for Magical Space Vitamins for the entire 2020 year?

Vladimir Zakharov

I created this project as a part of the "Express anti-secrets formula 2020" project. It is specially created for those, who want to get MAXIMUM SUPPORT from space's energies, but do not want to study a technical side in depth. In other words, who wants to be a gourmand without entering the kitchen.

Disclaimer first:

#1 There are two parallel worlds. For example, some people live in the corridor of poverty and others in the corridor of wealth...they never meet. Or there is a stream of miracles, but a person lives in a stream of skepticism so that the person creates a dam in between. Even when s/he decides to jump from the river of skepticism into the river of miracles, s/he can’t do it... An internal editor constantly creates events that only confirm the person's point of view.

I wonder how we are internally arranged so that events prove once again our own beliefs... and the rest of it is filtered out.

An internal sensor cuts off entire dimensional planes... To see them, one must be open to them.

If you put the internal editor at the forefront, if you live in a stream of skepticism, then this project is not for you.

There are many cool techniques in Chinese metaphysics to overcome skepticism that there is more than just a body... but for now, we will not discuss it. Because…

#2 80% of this project is made up of luck recipes, calculated using the techniques of the ancient art of Qi Men, in which the energetic connection with SPACE is very important.

There is no place for doubt and self-doubt when you apply these techniques. As soon as start questioning yourself “what if it doesn’t work out”, the energy electrical circuit that connects you with the Qi Men matrix start to disappear.

"Time Pregnant with Opportunities"

I heard this interesting phrase from my American business coach. The quote reflects the ESSENCE OF CHINESE METAPHYSICS...

Imagine an elevator or teleport that at a certain time opens doors and takes you to space with plenty of powerful opportunities: either money, or new customers (which does not always mean money), or career growth (which does not always mean money), or travel, or a new relationship, or improved charisma, or better health... and so on.

Imagine that you know the exact time when this teleport opens just for you, and you are exactly in that place... It is LUCK TO BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Success May and Must Be Planned

Our brain is like a dog... command it "fuss" and on an unconscious level, it begins to look for opportunities to execute the command.

When we make plans, we do not make them in order to run them... time makes its adjustments and, as a rule, what we planned and what we got, in the end, are two different stories. But without this initial plan, there would be no first step. Therefore, the plan is needed to launch the brain and the space of possibilities.


For a very long time, a service of such level was hidden from the majority of people... To get professional individual help in the date selection, one had to attend my coaching or study my VIP training for years. I Decided To Break This Rule and To OPEN A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO GET THE MAXIMUM EFFECT FROM Chinese Metaphysics In the year 2020.

  • Find out the dates when luck opens up its opportunities just for you
  • Use these dates to start all important events during the year.
  • ADD THEM TO THE CALENDAR! Don't miss any dates!
  • As a result, all your endeavors will be followed by a favorable breeze.
  • Increase your luck with energy-boosting activities
  • As an addition to the topic of good habits that reveal to a person the strengths of his/her destiny, I'm going to share one technique from the astrological arsenal...
  • You will also get the list of actions that trigger bonuses from the Universe!
  • Do you want to know how to break through the glass ceiling of your income? There is a special ritual to increase cash capacity.

    One way or another, but pretty much everyone faced that feeling when s/he reached the limit of the capabilities and had no idea how to break through and take a new height.

    I am also familiar with this situation... I'll tell you more some other time.

    It was this technique that helped break through the glass ceiling of income. We will make calculations for you for the WHOLE YEAR!
  • Special dates when luck opens up MONEY OPPORTUNITIES just for you.

    A bigger number of clients doesn't always mean a bigger income... sometimes it's just a bigger amount of work.

    The same goes for a new project... sometimes it is just crap.

    Career growth does not always mean more money... sometimes it is just more responsibility.

    To make efforts profitable in some currency - $, €, ₴, £, ¥, etc., use personal money dates for new and ongoing projects.

Who needs the project "Anti-secrets 2020 EXPRESS LITE"

  • Everyone who wants to break through to new opportunities, despite any crises))
  • For those who want Heaven to generate more opportunities for them... and for those who won't miss them!
  • If you have already felt the ceiling of your income and want to increase money capacity
  • For everyone determined to act, and wants to have at hand in the calendar successful dates
  • If you do not know anything about Chinese metaphysics, but want to apply techniques anyway. There won't be any difficult terms! There will be recommendations in "simple human language"))))
  • If you are familiar with Chinese metaphysics and in 2020 your BaZi birth chart enters with the year of the Metal Rat in a relationship of a collision, harm, merging...
  • If you have already studied the subject, but you need a professional backup... or you want to save time for personal matters)) we will make the calculations for you for the whole year!

IMPORTANT: When you begin to apply the recommendations received, then new opportunities and chances start to appear in your life. Opportunities that were not there before or you did not notice them... And then an important principle comes into play - what I call "God's freelancer".

Heaven gives us chances, ideas in the form of inspiration... What happens if you ignore these opportunities out of laziness, for example, and put them off for later?... Soon enough you will notice that someone else has already implemented your idea. What will happen if you regularly blow Heaven off with the execution of ideas?))

Hint: The same thing would happen to a freelancer who blows the employer off... S/he will find another freelancer. Ideas and changes will simply stop coming up.

Treat the recommendations you received as something valuable and be sure to apply them.

Starting from the middle of the year, I recommend that you use the LITE version of the tool for personal calculations.

IN THE LITE VERSION, we focus not on the critical spots of the chart, but, instead, we focus on energy rituals and strong dates that help to strengthen luck for the rest of the year 2020.

  • Personal information - when luck opens its doors and opportunities
  • BONUS - Energizing actions to receive bonuses from the universe
  • "Increasing money capacity" ritual
  • Personal cash dates for projects that generate income in cash

$59 $47


“Hello everyone, my name is Natalia Turapina, I would like to give a feedback to my master, Vladimir Zakharov, about the recommendations for the individual calculation "Anti-secrets 2020. Express. Anti-crisis."

Well, actually it's interesting because it was a gift from Vladimir that I won during one of the webinars in January 2020. I was lucky enough to win these calculations. I immediately sent my daughter’s data. She lives in Amsterdam. And soon enough, the team of Vladimir sent me an anti-crisis calculation.

At that time, in January, we had no idea why the recommendations on how to end the crisis are included in the calculation. But a perspicuous Vladimir foresaw the following events.

In January, my daughter took these recommendations very seriously. We read them, sorted out all the strategies, she also wrote out special dates and adjusted plans according to them.

As her Destiny Palace is in the south, all activations were calculated exactly for this sector. Besides, the sector of the potential is also in the south. It's known from the basics that the Star Hero and Scenery Door are located in the south. Those factors allow a person to be in sight. By the way, she also performed “The bird flying into the cave” activation and “pulling people in” activation from Vladimir's course "Explosive improvement of luck".

All together they created a powerful mix of effective activations, strategies with special attention to the anti-crisis recommendations.

That's exactly what my daughter needed because she opened her first franchise store in Amsterdam in August 2019; this network of stores is called De’a. This is an analogue of the Russian store L'Etoile, a pharmacy and Cinderella combined together.

All the essentials that person might need. It is a very famous network of Dutch stores, with 105 years of history. And, as a newcomer, it was important for my daughter to persevere.

Make a team of professionals that are not just sellers, but also pharmaceutics because they are selling bio supplements and proper nutrition, along with other products. They also sell medical supplies that are available in pharmacies without a prescription. Therefore, it was important to create a team of professionals.

It was necessary to increase sales through the inflow of clients. My daughter set very serious goals with this store.

She is a well-educated person, with a good experience. She had been working for many years as the general manager at a Jimmy Chin store, which is located on the most expensive street in Amsterdam.

It was a good experience, but she always wanted to have something of her own. That is why she set such an ambitious goal.

Everything that happened in April 2020 is worth being told to everyone who is interested in the art of Chinese metaphysics.

In connection with the well-known recent events, the Dutch authorities suspended the work of all enterprises and establishments. The only exception was made for the organizations that provide services for people, and of course, my daughter's store has been working all this time.

Sales doubled, but we expected that, considering the current situation. However, none could expect that my daughter would appear on TV screens.

Dutch television was preparing a video of gratitude for those who are forced to work during quarantine, and out of 300 De'a stores across the country, only three of them were selected for filming this video.

As a result, the TV crew selected only one store - my daughter's store.

Of course, there were other people, but only one store was selected among this store network. That was quite a surprise!

As soon as the video was released, by the way, it was broadcasted on the all Dutch TV channels, the popularity of my daughter's little store grew immediately.

Enthusiastic customers, calls from friends, good sales.

It motivates a lot, and gives strength!

Therefore, special thanks for such a miracle to the team of Vladimir Zakharov.

By the way, in April, my daughter managed to rent another apartment, which is way better by any criterion. This is not an easy task in expensive Amsterdam.

So thanks very much to the whole team of Vladimir for the "Anti-secrets Express Anti-crisis" calculations.

Many thanks!"
When I received the calculation, I smiled. Even a note of self-pride crossed my mind. After all, I have been already using some recommendations intuitively, by trusting my feelings. It meant that I chose the right direction, and that is what important! Moreover, I received valuable additional knowledge to what I already knew, so to speak, I expanded the boundaries of my knowledge. As a result, I have in my hands a "user manual" for myself and the tools necessary to get the best results. What else do you need to understand yourself and move on?...

Elena, Kazakhstan
At first I thought, what is the difference between the usual Anti-secrets -Metaphysical Keys and the Anti-secrets Express? I did not know why I would need them, if I already have the Metaphysical Keys. As it turned out, there was a difference!

Anti-secrets Express is a treasure trove! It became a personal guide for the upcoming year. A precise statement of what will help me to increase my success this year. I received the detailed description of the areas that will be affected by the crisis. And most importantly, advice on how to cope with these changes - things I should do and the issues I should be focusing on to get the desired result.

I had been already thinking on some changes, but it was only in my head, as an idea. Now it cleared up and formed into tasks. The only thing left to do is to plan specific actions by months (the book "GPS of achievements" came in handy) and by dates that were calculated by my date of birth.

What is Anti-secret Express for me? This is my personal guide for the year! These are my personal strong dates for important events - both financial and personal purposes. That is a list of actions to help me increase my energy level, therefore my productivity. As a result, I can reach my goals faster.

I love Vladimir's projects. And despite the seeming "similarity" in names or descriptions, all projects are different and each project has GREAT value! They complement each other. Thank you and your team for the recommendations, for personal guidance and skills!

Galina, St. Petersburg
Despite the fact that the word "crisis" does not evoke positive emotions in many cases, I relate to it from the position - "forewarned is forearmed."

When I received my recommendations, I found out that I won't face any crisis this year. I was glad at first, but after that, I felt sad...

Because, I was going to overcome obstacles, but there won't be any of them))

But, then I read the recommendations very carefully and realized that it's great!

I realized that I can safely, with maximum efforts, implement everything that will bring me success in 2020!

Now I have a clear plan how to achieve my goals and an understanding of what I need to focus on. I have a list of useful habits that fill me up with energy and allow me to make the most out of my plans.

I also received individual dates for the implementation of my goals!

And the most interesting part is that now I have no reason to postpone until tomorrow what I wanted to do for sooooo long - since some recommendations "revealed" the tasks that I had never been able to bring to a result earlier)))

Their hour has come! (or a year :))

Many thanks for your work and for the opportunities and kicks that help to change a life!

Anna, Belarus
What hit me the most was how the forecast matched with me. All the areas that will be affected by the crisis have been already affected by the changes to some extent, or important shifts and changes are going to happen. Thank God that I have been studying with Vladimir for a long time and have already known that the crisis is not an upcoming chain of terrible events and restrictions, but opportunities that have to be used. I realized that the year is going to be active and productive. But how much?... it completely depends on the efforts invested in this success.

After the forecast, I am even more confident that I am on the right way!

Actions that aimed to increase energy level aren't very convenient for me, but, in general, implementable. I understand that somewhere deep inside, perhaps, these are exactly the actions that I was missing.

I have been using auspicious dates for a long time; individual dates are going to be even more effective. Thanks for your work!

Marina, Vilnius
The crisis has been detected!

I always read the text very fluently. By doing this, I can always objectively assess whether there will be something useful for me. The crisis is the first thing that caught the eye. "What a disaster," I thought at first!

“Why me?! That's enough! It is not life, but an ongoing crisis!"

I opened the first page of my "Anti-secrets Express 2020".

The very first thing I noticed is how accurate my description was. That is amazing, they don't even know me, but they managed to describe my habits and hobbies. Most likely, these calculations are accurate. You can't describe a stranger so accurately. But I have this habit; just descriptions are not enough for me... “Thanks, I know who I am. What should I do? Especially, in the year of crisis."

And here I want to thank the team of Vladimir Zakharov for such a detailed forecast, and most importantly, the phased action plan to turn the crisis into success and positive changes. I didn't even expect to see so many different small nuances in the recommendations. On my part, I will try to stick to them.

I have already printed out my forecast so I would not miss any detail. I understand that it is impossible to be prepared for everything, but I got the feeling that the light was turned on for a minute to show me all the dangers of the coming year and the way how to avoid them. In addition, personal dates are a great bonus. Now I know exactly when I can reach the goal, or to go to the authorities. I could not even imagine that there can be only one such a date in the whole month. And on this date, there are only two hours to start the action. Of course, I could get lucky even without calculations, but looking at the magic list, I understand that it is as unlikely as catching a blue pearl. I will definitely use recommendations and try to adjust my schedule accordingly.

Thank you and wish you grateful clients. You inspired me to act and amazed me with your accuracy!

Victoria, Ukraine


Why does everything that is personified WORK better?

Imagine that you are at the bank... there is lots of money in a vault, in cells... gold, silver... A place of wealth... But how does this relate to you?... You need a bridge to reach this wealth. For example, you need a code or a key for a cell.

Personal dates work the same way. The space is full of possibilities. Your date is a combination lock. The specially calculated date is the key. We prepare reports manually... it is impossible to automate 100% what contains personal data. Therefore, it takes up to 5 days to prepare the report, depending on the queue.

What happens after you click the ORDER button. Everything is very simple! Here's a description:

  • You order a service.
  • After that you receive a request form in which you must enter the date and time of the birth of the person for whom the calculation will be made. The calculation is made based on the time indicated in the form. There will NOT be recalculations.
  • After 3-5 days you will receive by email a ready-made pdf-report with calculations and recommendations.

If You Want To Order Personal Calculations "Anti-secrets 2020 EXPRESS LITE", But You Have Questions, Then WRITE TO US

By clicking on the button, you agree to grant permission for processing the personal data, accept the privacy policy and agree to receive e-mail newsletters and advertisements from Vladimir Zakharov's Feng Shui Crazy Journey.

Anti-secrets 2020 EXPRESS LITE - Is It A Personal Consultation?

Yes and no…

There is a big difference between the concept of "personal consultation" and "personal calculations". A personal consultation is when we look at your problem or task and give some recommendations.

"Personal calculations" is when we take the date and time of birth and give recommendations on how to improve life and to avoid sharp corners. We do not look at what the person HAS ALREADY REACHED. But we give something that from any point helps to GET STARTED and improve the situation, whatever it may be at the moment.

That is, personal calculations, as opposed to a personal consultation, are not a discussion of problematic spots on the chart, but recommendations on how to improve luck.

About the Author

My name is Vladimir Zakharov, and I created over 90 online courses and 160 face-to-face pieces of training on topics such as Ba Zi, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia, date selection, i-ching (seriously, this is not an exaggeration :)).

  • Over the past 20 years, I collected and tested the best techniques to help successfully solve the same issues that everyone is dealing with.
  • I developed over 250 courses teaching Chinese metaphysics and transforming life
  • 10 000 students from different parts of the world have radically changed their lives, and many of whom have become consultants themselves
  • I invested 200,000$ in business training and to this day, I still a member of Western business clubs
  • Nearly :) 500,000$ was invested by me in the study of Chinese metaphysics
  • I also developed the SiYa method (union of Yin and Yang) - a synthesis of mental techniques, business models, and techniques of Chinese metaphysics for the most effective achievements.


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