Aerodrome Qi Men And The Sky

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There is one thought that periodically comes to my mind…
Then I forget it…
And it comes again…

Today I’ve remembered this thought and decided to share it with you.
The thought is very simple.

But before we start,
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Here is the thought.
Often, especially beginners in Chinese Metaphysics think
that the answer to the question is captured in formal techniques.
They think that such techniques as Qi Men, Yi Jing, and Chinese astrology contain the answers…

In fact, from my point of view,
if you imagine such a cross with a curve,
it is just an aerodrome.

It is a runway for the real metaphysicist,
for finding the answers to your questions.

Yes, without this runway a plane won’t fly.
But this is not the Metaphysics.The Metaphysics is in the Sky.

You need to take the Qi Men table, scatter, and soar.
There is no answer in the table.
There are answers outside the table.

Intuition cannot arise from the empty space.
There is no plane that can take off without an aerodrome.
Even a helicopter needs a launch pad.

Intuition and the truth are revealed after many years of training.
Only after this you can fly.

The formal part of the aerodrome construction is in my book.

Do not try to find the answers in the hieroglyphs.
The hieroglyphs or symbols of the Western astrology
is just a finger that points to the moon.
It is not the moon itself.

The nominal moon – space where from the answers come…
The answers can be whatever…
And believe me, you won’t like all of them.
But they are the truth.

The truth is inhuman.
It doesn’t follow our lead.
It has no empathy.
It is indifferent.

But you need the aerodrome,
from where the plane takes off to the space of the truth,
with the help of Chinese Metaphysics techniques.

For example, the mystic gate art,
one of the techniques which is tightly packed in my book,
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