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Not so long ago my book In access Zone: How to turn “No” into “Yes” or how to get the password to Universal wi–fi was published.

Our broadcast will be devoted to this issue.
You can order your copy on my page vladimirbook.com.

Why is it named so strange?
Sometimes we knock on the closed door of our destiny and want to get something. But why do we get the answer NO?

One of the subtitles of the book is How to turn “No” into “Yes”
You know this is like a dialog of two heroes in the soap opera.
Hero #1 said he got a negative answer to his proposal.
Hero#2 claimed the following:
“Come back and ask what you have to do so he’ll answer YES.”

What does he have to say, give, and promise to get the answer YES?

This is a universal way to negotiate with the Universe.

Suppose a situation when you send your wish, you want to achieve smth in your life, some social position, higher income or make your dream come true but you hear from the depth Universe in response: “Wait for an answer” or beeps…

Imagine you made the phone call and reached right where your goal.
There is no situation when:

  • – a line is busy;
  • – wait for you answer, all operators are busy;
  • – your call is very important to us;
  • – the line went dead.

This technique we’ve got from Chinese but there are some researches, according to which this knowledge came to them from civilization that is more ancient.

They understood that TIME has not only quantitative characteristics but also qualitative ones and each moment of life is not homogeneous.
We can dial “Heavenly Telephone” using this time coordinate.

Perhaps some of you are familiar with the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu, it is studied at military academies and is very popular among businessmen in Asia and among Western businessmen during past few decades.

The book of Sun Tzu describes a certain philosophy of warfare and it is known mostly from this side.

At the same time, almost no one knows he practiced an art called Mystic Gates of Destiny or in Chinese – Qi Men Dun Jia – Mystic Gates that hide Jia.

This art is about the heterogeneity of time, its layers and how I call it – the password for universal wi–fi.

Imagine gates of time and they open and close like elevator doors in a multi-story building. You are standing against these doors and waiting. They will open in a minute or a day, or a week. Just you left, the doors have opened and closed. You miss the moment and have to wait again but life passes by.

Qi Men Dun Jia possesses that algorithm on how to find out a certain door is open and Sun Tzu possessed this knowledge too.

It is very interesting that people who accept the philosophy of battle or the philosophy of business are familiar with the strategy component of Sun Tzu described in the book but they are not familiar with the metaphysical component called Mystic Gates. Those who are involved in Chinese metaphysics are familiar with internal components but are not familiar with the philosophy of this business.

That is why we have two groups possessing halves of this knowledge while Sun Tzu himself possessed it whole.

At a certain moment in the movie «The battle of the Red Cliff» a character named Zhue Liang appears. He is a military adviser who performs a ritual with feather and changes the direction of the wind in the turning point of battle. Finally, it leads to a stunning victory.

The movie shows us the external part of the ritual but you need to understand that Zhue Liang is one of the most famous masters of Qi Men Dun Jia or Mystic Gates.

In China, this metaphysic – commander has a huge monument and a pagoda at a place of his former house.

The application part is that if you want to get these tools of the Gods, you have to learn to operate with knowledge about the heterogeneity of time contained in the Art of Mystic Gates.

We are used to thinking the time, let us call it Cartesian, is homogeneous and every point of this timeline is identical to any other.

What if it doesn’t?

What if we make a phone call now and get the answer Yes.

What if the next similar call is possible after two months and gate, window or door is open only a few hours.

These two hours can happen day or night. How do we know it if don’t have a calendar?

It is Art of Mystic Gates that contains the calendar of opening these Gates. After all, there exist Gates for different purposes: relations, career, Real Estate sales, health, business or investments. Each task has different components and needs a certain calendar.

We can send requests not having a password to a heavenly server but only Qi Men Dun Jia has these passwords.

You can get your first passwords
by ordering my new book on vladimirbook.com.

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