About Monkeys and Astrology

Today we are talking about the good luck for Monkeys in 2019.

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If you are born in a Monkey year,
3 super energies and 3 not very good ones
are with you in 2019.

The first from those super energies is “Happy Virtue”.
You always have the best food,
you are happy,
and you may see a lot of beautiful
and interesting places in 2019.

In fact, you have a happy 2019
if you are doing something meaningful.
Not sitting at home trembling from fear of everything,
but instead investing your resources, money and good luck
to go somewhere with your friends and relatives,
to organize something interesting.

The second star is “Jade Hall”.
This is one of 4 money stars in 2019.
It means the growth of value of something,
for example, your property or business,
as well as regular income or recurring payments.

But you need to have something,
the value of what will grow.
You need to have a business or skills
that you can convert into money.

The third super star is “Noble Person”.
You will be accompanied by mentors, guides,
people who will suggest how to get from point A to point B,
who will help with advice and guidance.

But you need to have a goal.
If you don’t have a goal
and you don’t know where you want to get to,
how can you find a guide?
The guide … WHERE?
“I am looking for a guide, not knowing where to and where from.” We are on the way from nowhere to nowhere. In fact, it is the standard way of the majority of people.
They are not going. They are driven by the wind of karma or social phenomena.
They are passive, not active.
They are people who are not awake; they are still sleeping.
They are just dry leaves in an autumn park.

From not good energies, there is the star “Heavenly Blade”,
meaning wounds and bleeding.
If you have Monkey in the birth map, especially in a day,
try not to do anything too dangerous in 2019.
Don’t jump with a bungee or parachute,
especially from strange planes,
in strange countries, and in strange airports.

How can we know where Monkey is except the birth year,
which is known by most people?
Although sometimes they know mistakenly,
because the Chinese year changes February 4th,
not January 1st, as we are used to. The answer is in my book
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It is described on page 34 along with many other things…
For example, how to make goals for 2019 and
increase the probability of reaching them by ten times.

The other bad star is “Sha of Robbery”.
There is a risk of losing a passport somewhere,
your wallet will be taken away, or you will lose money,
The bank where your money is will be closed.
This is the Sha of Robbery.

There are two ways how to struggle with the Sha of Robbery.
One way is reinsurance.
Check if the amount in the bank account
does not exceed the amount of guaranteed deposits. Another way, esoteric: take it philosophically.
If there is a reason to lose money,
there is always an occasion.

There is an entrance and there is an exit.
You cannot control the exit all the time.
Anyway, something is leaving.
Focus on what is coming,
not on what goes away. Some people are always afraid and think
“Oh … something bad will happen …
what can I do to prevent this from happening?” One thing is guaranteed to happen to us.
We will die.
All that happens until this moment
has a less terrifying power.
Especially if you have your wallet stolen,
take it with humour.

The next star is “Evil Tongue”,
Which means disagreements about money.
You may have disputes or disagreements with business partners,
with your husband/wife,
or with a banker about how much money should you pay on a loan.

You may have Monkey not only in a year,
but also in a month, day or hour.

More about this in my book: vladimirbook.com.
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If you have Monkey in the year, then
you will meet many people who have money in 2019.
For example, potential investors or mentors
who are much higher than you in social status.

Ask the right questions
and you will learn one or two things about money from these people.
Or if you have business ideas,
you will find investors for your business.

Monkey in the month means networking,
means meeting with potential investors and partners,
because the month is connected with business and career.

If there is Monkey in the day, then injuries are possible in 2019 – be careful.
Monkey also means internal organs injuries,
so don’t drink too much
because there may be bad consequences.

If there is Monkey in the hour,
these are good investment opportunities,
growing the value of your property or your business.
Some ideas will come that will bring money.

If you have Monkey in the map,
2019 will be a pretty good year in terms of money
due to the presence of the stars in Monkey:
“Jade Hall” and “Noble Person”.

In conclusion, I would like to talk about oddities,
which I notice in the use of Chinese astrology.
Things that I don’t like very much.

The first is the use of astrology
like some straitjacket.
As some kind of a prison.

People read their birth map,
either with the help of Chinese astrology
or Western astrology,
to justify that they don’t have to do anything.
To justify their failures.

Astrology is used as an excuse
for why nothing happens successfully in their lives.
“Hey! I have a crap pillar of luck!”

For three days I was sitting in the course of Ba Zi taught by my Master.
And I had a bad feeling the whole three days…
The course was great, but … I was uncomfortable with
the way the information is used by participants in this course sometimes,
to put themselves in an even tighter prison.

There are two ways to read the map:

1 – You analyse what ingredients you have
and then decide how to use them
to reproduce or create a strategy
and get wherever you want.

2 – The way most people use it.
“Oh! I have no self-expression; that means I cannot teach or consult efficiently.”

Guys, this is trash…
I also do not have any self-expression in the map, so what?
I have thousands and thousands of students.

I spend most of my life conducting trainings.
And before Chinese metaphysics, I conducted trainings in various fields.

There are different ways to reach the goal.
Maybe methods 1, 2, and 3 are not available. Then method 4 is available.

If 1, 2, 3,and 4 are unavailable, you have to create method 5!
So the knowledge of astrology is used
to affirm the height of the human spirit
in order to fly, not to crawl.

Then astrology is used to have inspiration,
not to walk looking down:

“Oh! I have weak Sky Trunks…
weak Earth Branches…
Oh! Nothing will happen to me this year…
I need to sit at home and not go anywhere…
Because if I go out, my wallet will be stolen.”

This is trash…
If your wallet is stolen, you can buy a new one…

I felt uneasy all these three days and I decided to speak up.
In fact, this is the mirror of what is happening in this market.

Use the knowledge as something that can exalt us,
our loved ones, our friends, and our clients.

Never say things to drop a man’s face in shit.

Say things to your loved ones
and to your clients
that stimulate upward movement.
Never lower them down.

Talk about the possibilities…
Perhaps it is small, but it exists.

Often we reach a goal
because nobody told us it’s impossible.
That the probability of this happening is 0.00000 … 001%.

Nobody told you and this happened.
And for you, this probability is 100%.

Well, you know the average market…
how many people come there…
how many people start to do it…
how many people reach the peaks…

Guys, I don’t want to know that.


And fuck everyone!
I give you the official right to say fuck everyone
who is trying to attack your self-confidence
and the confidence in your dream.

Do not give any astrology, any propaganda, the right to disturb you.

When a person tells you, “You won’t achieve this,”
in fact, he is saying, “I will not achieve this.”
A Person Always Says About Himself.

How to make 2019 the best:
I will tell you in my book “GPS of ACHIEVEMENTS”.
Follow the link: vladimirbook.com

One of the most important things
I was taught in my youth:

You are as you are.
You are much more attractive to humanity,
rather than trying to be someone else.

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