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A few years ago I heard the idea:
„If you know Chinese Metaphysics,
there is no way you don’t have one million dollars! ”

No matter what kind of chart you have,
there are things in the space, in the time…
If you activate them correctly, you will have a sum of money

Maybe you won´t rank among the top 100 people in Forbes, but one million,
X millions you are able to make.

At some point, I heard the idea noted above
both from Joey Jap during the coffee break and
from master of mine Vin Leo, who lives in Singapore.

I have never wanted money just to buy something…
I was only interested in a number.
„It’s an interesting game, well let´s play it” – I thought.

So the game had started,
And in two years I won (!) and figured out that this is actually working
So automatically I was one of the most successful Joey Jap’s students.

Do you want to become rich or even richer?
“I want to be rich” or “I want to have money” – there is no way you make goals like that!
You should know a specific number you want to make and at this point you should figure out what is your value system:
freedom, family, relationship, health, entertainment…
Let’s say, the most important value for you is family and it is happy,
but you sleep on the floor in an one-room flat and you don’t have money to make the ends meet…
Are you going to be happy in this situation?
Or the other way round, your family is unhappy, you are often away from home, but you have yacht and entertainment.
Do you feel good in such a scenario?

Everybody has the system of values and it changes over the years…
If you are an employee, it’s good to know your set of values.
If it doesn’t match with value system of the company, you will be trapped in a foreign environment.
For me money is some sort of freedom and it changes over the years…

There are 3 components to activate a goal:
good attitude, metaphysical element and mechanics.
All this together leads to success, wealth and well-being.
You can enhance these elements by choosing the correct dates and external environment.

Last but not least: if you can do something, that can improve your life, life of your family, clients or friends, but you don’t do it…
It’s like you stealing not only from yourself, but also from your loved ones, friends and clients…
This is why you should seize every apportunity to the max, regardless what is written in your chart!

Let’s know each other better and put down in the comments:
⦁  What is your sphere of interests?
⦁  What goals do you set and want to achieve?
⦁  What results do you expect to get, after you complete this podcast cycle?

Have a great Feng Shui!
Vladimir Zakharov

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