Is there a connection between Fate, Consciousness, and Qi?

Today our topic is quite abstract and philosophical.
At the same time, it is very important.

It is dedicated to the genetic code of Fate, Qi energy and Consciousness.

Let’s try to figure out how all these are connected.

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If you have learned biology, at least in school,
you know we have a genetic code.
In fact, if it is reduced to cybernetics language,
it is a set of “0” and “1” values – the binary code.
This code programs the whole of life on Earth.

If we are talking about the metaphysical part,
we are talking about Yi Jing, threegrams,
which are formed with the same binary code:

  • dashed line – Yin
  • continuous line – Yang

If we are talking about our birthdate,
there is a description language – four Fate pillars or Ba Zi.
It can be called “Fate code”.
It consists of eight hieroglyphs, two in each pillar:

  • annual
  • monthly
  • daily
  • hourly

These Fate pillars form:

  • some tendencies,
  • success/failures,
  • whether it’s better to do business or be employed.

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What is outside the birth map?
Technically, if we were to go deep into Eastern or Western astrology,
the Qi type is changed every four minutes.

In Chinese astrology, big blocks last two hours.
There is a different Qi type every two hours.
But if we go to the subtle aspects of time,
the Qi type is changed every four minutes.
We can make out Pillars of Good Luck each ten or four minutes.
It makes such a fine modulation.

About one thousand children are born every four minutes.
One thousand people have the same map.
Here’s an example to illustrate:

  • one thousand people have the same car
  • with totally identical settings
  • the same car interior colour
  • the same kind of upholstery
  • everything is identical

Why do they have different lives?

One of the explanations is automobile fuel.

If we are born in warm countries,
we have more fire energy, with the same map.
If we are born in cold countries,
we have more cold, more water energy, with the same map.
However, this explanation is not enough.

So what is outside the birth map and gives us freedom?

This is the question about the code of our Fate,
no matter if it is interpreted with different systems—
whether the biological system of genetics
or different astrological systems.

I think, there is a deeper issue.
It’s a matter of Consciousness.

What is Consciousness?

  • It cannot be reduced to a brain.
  • It cannot be reduced to anything.
  • It has no colour or smell.
  • No form, no volume.
  • It is not cold nor warm.

There is Consciousness.
And the consciousness is some kind of a driver.
We are

  • Not our body
  • Not our emotions
  • Not our astrology map
  • Not our house where we live

We are able to perceive:

  • Our house
  • Our office
  • People who are around

We can:

  • Analyse our birth date
  • Watch our emotions

But we are not all these things.

We are something else.

The consciousness, which perceives all of these,
is something else.

It is the part that takes the least of our attention.
And we pay the least attention to the cultivation of this part.

Very rarely do we look inside ourselves.
Not trying to find the answers
and not solving our psychoanalytic problems…

I am talking about something completely different.

When we are practising metaphysics, Chinese or Western,
we are too involved in outer games.

They are important.
They are useful.
They lead us to outward success.

Using the same:

  • Feng Shui
  • date selection
  • Mystic Gate art

We can be extremely successful.

We may have any house we want.
We may live at any place we want.
Drive any car…

And so, only one problem is left.

Taking into account all this well-being and outward happiness,
there is no man who ever lived on the Earth and stayed alive.
No one.
The rich and the poor—everyone is leaving this place.

While this fact is the very reliable and unarguable truth,
it leads to the necessity to look inside and make an effort
to meet what will be left afterwards.

What was on the Earth before we were here
and what will be left after we disappear from this Earth.

This part remains behind the scenes.

The outer component is the easiest part.

If you think
it is hard to make a million or 10 million…
In fact, it is the easiest thing that can be done.
It is hard but not extremely.
In some years every person can get
this famous million dollars.

Especially if you use my techniques
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The book is the first way to learn
the systems I used to grow from
a very poor financial state to a state
that is the object of envy and hatred of many people.

Before I started to focus on the outward well-being,
half of my life or little less
I had been focused on meditation,
energy practices, transcendence…

I wrote a collection of poems…
Then the second one…
I was interested in this part much more…

Then I converted to the outward things for some years.
I achieved success in it.
I taught a lot of students.
Many of them became millionaires, famous people.

Now I have some kind of a synthesis…
In youth I had the meditative period, discovering my mind.
Then I had the period of focus on the outward things. Outer dharma.
And now the period of Tai Chi circle synthesis, when I am looking at Yin and Yang components together.
One more time: the Yang component is the easiest.

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This is the very easy part.

But don’t play too much.
We are not our astrology map.
We are not the house we live in.
We are not our body.

The other good question: What is Qi?
It can be called Qi, Prana, or something else…
It penetrates walls, time…

People often say,
“Hey! Qi doesn’t come because of mirror windows.”

This is not the point.
We are talking about another dimension.
Mirror windows are not a problem for Qi.
The issue is the modulation of Qi.

Outward things are just mirrors, the visible part.
That explains why this type of Qi is here.
But Qi doesn’t go anywhere.

It can be measured using the Lo Pan compass
combined with the practising of Feng Shui.
Many people think that the Lo Pan compass measures the direction.
The compass doesn’t measure the direction…
This is the way to measure Qi.

Scientists don’t have any technique to measure Qi yet.
Scientists discovered a star recently
that was described by the Chinese 3,000 years ago.
My Singapore master Vin Leo says
that the general public thinks
science goes in front of mystics.

But from our point of view,
science comes far behind mystics.

What was known by the masters of antiquity,
many scientists are finding out only now.
After thousands of years.

What was known by Chinese medicine
and could be treated a long time ago,
now is only on the horizon of modern medicine.

That is why it is not an easy dialogue.

But both science and medicine are about outward things.
They are starting from the outer repetitive things
and then go weirdly to the state where the substance disappears.

As a result, there is no substance.
This is a kind of physical understanding of emptiness.

Buddha was talking about it even in 500 BC.

You know, there is a phrase:
“Why do we need fish if there is caviar?”

If we can buy caviar in a supermarket, why do we need fish?
But we need caviar, fish, and the sea where it swims.

The fish is Qi.
The sea where it swims is the Consciousness.
And caviar is the matter.

This is 20/80, 95/5.
Pareto’s law.
Or whatever you call it.

We see the matter and the matter comes from the emptiness.
We see a dream.
This is a daydream.
Even if it’s a metaphysical dream.
Even if you see Sky Trunks and Earth Branches of your map,
anyway, it is one of the dream forms.

Maybe it is a finer type of a dream allowing you to see
the things a man at a bus stop cannot see.

Maybe it is easier to wake up after such a type of a dream
if you don’t play too much.

That is why my message today to “the Corinthians” is:
“Remember that we are not all these toys and glitter.
We are something else.”

There are two types of prosperity:
outer, which is dreamed of by everyone,
and inner, which is something else.

I’m not denying the external.
But external is temporal.

Even the fastest car cannot reach the moon.

Even the most Feng Shui house cannot make the owner immortal.
In the same way, meditation cannot make a person rich.

These are two different things.
And two different aims.

They can go in parallel.
Or they may not.

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