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94 lines about metaphysics, not only the Chinese one

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Everything has come from emptiness,
Everything will go into emptiness
Every phenomenon has got its own reason
And it’s got the same order as the consequence
20% of reasons are responsible for 80% of consequences
we get from the cash-till into which we put something
You won’t get a cent of personal happiness from the “wealth” cash-till
You won’t get a cent of wealth from the “harmony” cash-till
Money and wealth are in counter-balance
Money and relationships are in counter-balance

You activate the mountain star
The water star weakens
You activate the water star
The mountain star weakens
Choose what you need

The environment influences
Wealthy people live in wealthy areas
Poor people live in poor areas
Tai Qi centre determines everything
The exterior is more influential than the interior
Forms are more important than formulas
Placement is more important than direction
If you don’t understand what is written here
Activate your personal star of intellect

There’s no magical button
There’s a magical button
If you want Feng Shui to multiply your wealth
The multiplier should be more than zero
If there’s no question, there’s no answer
If there’s no movement, there’s no response
There’s no formula working forever
It is the magician’s figure that matters
The biggest sha is you
Then comes Feng Shui and date selection
One negative person in your environment can drag you to the bottom
And even Feng Shui won’t be able to help you

Date selection influences
Date selection doesn’t influence
The speed is the point
The aim is the point
The strategy is the point
If you don’t understand what is written here
Activate you heavenly assistant in Qi Men

Magic is in one side
Rationality is on the other
The truth is in their combination
Every Yin has a particle of Yang
The opposite is also correct
If you don’t understand what is written here
Activate star 4 of the year

You can use ba-zi to place yourself and others in the cage
You can user ba-zi as a key to the lock on the cage
It’s your choice
Everything has its price
Activations have a side effect
Life finishes with a fatal outcome
A house in a wealthy area is more expensive
If you don’t pay the price, it’s more expensive
If you don’t understand the price, it’s fatal

This world is a hotel
We don’t possess anything, but we use everything

If you don’t have a sense of humour
Don’t practice Feng Shui

If you need new relationships
Look for the reason
Before taking the medicine
If you need more money
Look for the reason
Before taking the medicine

There’s plenty of money in the world
Money doesn’t come because
Somebody is good
Money follows Qi
Money follows monetary thoughts
Feng Shui is not about harmony
Feng Shui is about control
Take your environment under control
And you’ll be wealthy
Take your environment under control
And you’ll be happy
Take 3 sha under control
And money will fall from heaven
Control Qi
While you have time

Everything has come from emptiness
Everything will go into emptiness
We’ve got a limited number of breath-ins
Waves will destroy prints on the sand
The reflection in the mirror will disappear
Both the King and  a pawn will return to the same box
Metal sounds in the emptiness
The flames are dancing
The wind is howling
The snow is falling down
The laughter is ringing
But if there’s a joy in it
depends on you

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