6 ways to attract luck into your life

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Is it possible to attract good luck and success? It’s a philosophical question. The most popular answers to it are brought to three main theses:

  1. Luck has nothing to do with it. “Learn, work hard and you’ll have everything!” Have you heard this? A lot of people having two or three degrees work 24 hours a days in three different places dreaming about happiness and welfare for their families. And what is the result?
    The idea that everything is in your hands is quite interesting. It means “I can achieve everything, anything, there are no limits”. But limits exist and show their worth.
  2. “Oh, Luck, come here! I have been waiting for you so long. I want a husband, a flat and a car to appear near the house. And I also want a case with green banknotes… But … if it’s possible” – all this is usually pronounced by some naïve searchers of Fortune’s friendship lying on the sofa all day round. What do they do for this? What effort do they put into it? None. The result: zero.
  3. The middle way: do something and put some effort to achieve your target. You know what you are doing to generate your cash flow at this moment.

On the other hand you spend  too much energy but don’t get the result you want. Or it takes too long to punch out your financial ceiling and you multiply your income by only 1,5 times, although you could multiply it by 2, or 5, or 10.

How to attract happiness and luck when a single commonplace can’t help?
Good news is that luck can be attracted  using the ways I will tell you further (although luck is usually difficult to catch).

Method 1: determine your philosophy concerning luck
Do a small questionnaire: choose one variant most suitable for you:

  1. Luck is what you get when you are born and it can’t be changed. In other words, if a person is a born loser, nothing will help him.
  2. Luck is determined by how hard we work. If we apply 100% of our energy, we get 100% of luck, i.e. we take success under control.
  3. Luck is a ship on which we are born, but to use it we need to clew up.
  4. Luck is the potential which we are born with, it can be changed every year. Anybody can change their luck with the help of boosters such as Chinese metaphysics.

Have you chosen? Let’s look at the answers. If you chose Variant 1, my advice is to  work with your mental tuning. It’s essential. If you think that your good or bad luck can’t be changed, it’s unlikely that  somebody or something can help you.

If you chose Variant 2, my advice is to do a small exercise regularly, at the end of each day: make notes in your smartphone or notebook how many hours you have been working, what your productivity has been (from 1% to 100%) and how much you have earned this day. At the end of the week sum up – multiply the productivity (in percent) by the number of hours and divide the income into the number of hours. How much do you get? Compare all the days – how many hours you’ve worked and how much you’ve earned an hour. Be honest, are your efforts directly proportional to the result? Didn’t you have the situations when you made every endeavor but you “weren’t lucky’? … And “everything was against you”?

If you’ve chosen Variants 3 or 4, they are more interesting and perspective. In these cases I would recommend you to brush up your knowledge of Chinese metaphysics and use it as an activator of your luck.Then your chance to attract luck will increase from 10% to 70%… But you should keep in mind that everything depends on mental tuning.

Method 2: learn how to use 20/80 principle correctly

One  of my business trainers said, “If I wake up in the middle of the night and think about my client, but we do not sleep together – the client will be dismissed in the morning. Nobody of us is bad. We aren’t just a good match”.

20% (sometimes only 1%) of clients bring 80% (sometimes  99%) of the profit. 20% of clients bring 80% of complaints, dissatisfaction and headache depriving the business owner and his team of their time. But instead of concentrating on the 80% of satisfied clients you go on “eating a cactus”. What for? You can’t be loved by everybody. You are not a 100-dollar note 😉 Those  80% who don’t bring you much trouble can bring you more profit. This is what you need to concentrate your time and energy on!

Method  3: if you want a new life, don’t cling to the old one!
There’s a saying, “Change your house or change your dream”. Imagine that you were offered to get rid of everything for the sake of a new life… Would you agree? I think you are likely to cling to everything you already have… Believe me, your stable stability can disappear in a moment. Value everything you have, but remember that changes bring only temporal discomfort which disappears very quickly.

Method 4: be more specific! Find a precise scale according to which you can rate yourself successful

“I want to be rich” or “I want money” – these thoughts don’t bring you anywhere. You need a definite figure and everything depends on your system of values: freedom, family, relationships, health, entertainment…


  1. Your main value is your family and they are happy. But you sleep on the floor in a bedsit, you have nothing to feed your children… Are you still happy?
  2. Or conversly: your family are unhappy, you are always at work, but you have got yachts and entertainment… Do you feel good in this situation?

Everybody has their own system of values and it changes with the course of time… It’s useful to know your values, especially if you work for a boss. When your values don’t coincide with those of the company, you appear to be in a hostile environment and you can’t develop and attract success.

Method 5: activate your targets
There are always 3 activation components for any target, which all together are activators of happiness, success and wealth:

  • Mental tuning
  • Metaphysical component
  • Mechanics

These 3 components are the main things in the answer to the question “How to attract luck into your life?” They can be intensified by choosing good dates and surroundings, which can make you life successful and prosperous. What is choosing a date? It is “a favourable wind of luck”. We find a good moment and then do something.

Method 6: be broad-minded – apply Qi Men
It’s strange, but people sometimes don’t see the space: everybody goes along their own corridor which they found themselves or into which they were taken to and stand there for ages. You should use qi men to see the opportunities, the potential of the situation and use them. It’s essential to see the difference between a dream and a project.

Suppose you have a dream to lose 30 kilos or have a million dollars.

  • What is a project? It is what you have under control.
  • What is a dream? It’s a picture which is still in your head.

Many trainers of “successful success” tell about this, but does it lead to any result We use metaphysics to intensify actions inside the project. It means you still have to do something. If you don’t do anything, qi men won’t help.
Can I use all the 6 methods to attract luck at the same time? Yes, you can and you should! If you keep on using all these 6 methods in your everyday life, you will attract luck and deserve its favour. You’ll never think of such things as “where to get money for a training… or an iPhone… or a car… or a flat”. You’ll have more challenging targets.

There are 3 types of success in Chinese metaphysics:

  1. Process (doing) – it is called Earth Luck.
  2. Result is Man Luck.
  3. Heaven Luck is when the reward comes directly from Heaven…

Each of these types of luck determines our life at 33,333%. It’s important to realize that you’ve got a chance and do something with it. Otherwise, you’ll miss the opportunity and you won’t see your luck for a long time.

You have to make your choice consciously, taking into account all the consequences, and if it is important for you, then you should know how to:

see opportunities hidden from the eyes;
understand the prospects of your wish fulfillment;
get rid of competitors;
find out the truth;
and much more;

I have prepared a tutorial for you on how to manage your luck and to get what you want, but this is not just a textbook with theoretical manual. This is 90-page e-book with examples, tasks for self – study, tests and answers to verify the correct understanding of the coursework.

You can get your tutorial HERE >>


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