5 secrets of a long life from my Singaporean friend’s granddad

Once I was acquainted with a lawyer from Singapore…
We discussed the millionaire’s way of thinking, Feng Shui, success and other things…

He told me that his granddad had lived for 105 years… and he shared 5 rules as the secrets of his long life:

  • Sound sleep
  • Physical exercise–he always rode a bike
  • Eating meat
  • A little alcohol every day
  • Happiness: sex, laughter and everything that brings it; you lose the sense of life without it.

By the way, number 4 also brings happiness.
I once read a book by an American cardiologist. The conclusion is: those who go jogging for an hour every morning will die on the same day as me, though I never go jogging. Those who go 10-15-minute interval jogging will live longer.

In my personal opinion, the supporters of a strict healthy lifestyle (without any exceptions) are:

  • Those who don’t allow themselves any alcohol or fish will not live a long life
  • Or they are not happy
  • Or their internal demons will kill them
  • Or God will take them earlier
  • Or they are saints

I’m for the middle road. For life. Even if it’s short. Without extremes, Puritanism or sybaritism. Or for the interval way: Puritanism – sybaritism – Puritanism.

Do you remember in a Sherlock Holmes’ episode when
he was looking at the window and said something like
“A quiet day. Sunny. Nobody is murdered. Abomination.”

Well, when I read posts like “A father of three. A husband. A vegan. A sportsman. Always for kindness. Has created 666 businesses” it makes me think:

  1. In every Yang there’s some Yin. What skeletons does he keep in his cupboard?
  2. Or he is really saint and in this case I have to take the rap for him and produce his share of vices… otherwise, the world will overturn… the balance will be ruined… Abomination.

I’m going to smoke a cigar and have some Talisker and say «fuck».

Have a good evening.

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