44 ways to attract love in your life

By 16.03.2015 фэншуй

1. Beauty
2. The power
3. Glory
4. Money
5. affirmations
6. Treasure Map

7. good karma
8. rich parents
9. cool car
10. Personal “flower of romance”
11. The flower of romance “House”
12. Flower romance on “Water formulas”
13. Front Flying Stars 4 on the front door
14. Rear Star 4 bedroom
15. Pickup lessons
16. Bitch’ology lessons
17. Rule of 3 seconds
18. “Jade Maiden” Qi Men Dun Jia
19. Selecting “romantic” date
20. Ask your friend, whether she has a vacant beautiful rich free true young man
21. Go to a psychiatrist to understand that all of these qualities are not found often altogether
22. Just go to a psychiatrist
23. Go to a beautiful, rich, independent, faithful, young psychiatrists
24. Get disappointed in psychiatry, as it really does not occur simultaneously
25. Go to the astrologer
26. After that, wait for the arrival of 40 years favorable period
27. Walking on the Qi Men Dun Jia
28. Then see. P. 22
29. Go to the nearest bar
30. Go to a different location where you can meet a lot of people of opposite sex
31. Reduce your claims. There is no one who will meet them.
32. If you are a woman, says the man out of 9 words of praise one word of criticism.
33. Learn to love those who love you
34. Learn to love yourself
35. Go to the stylist
36. Understand that there are around 7000000000 people, and statistically it is impossible to be lonely.
37. You can just meet and chat. There is no need to immediately draw a picture of a bed or marriage
38. Learn how to smile.
39. Move to another apartment. Where there is a north-west. Where there is no toilet in the “Flower of Romance”
40. Move to another city. Where there are men. Or women. Or whoever you want.
41. Move to another city. That thrives. Where it is warm, beautiful and pleasant to walk through the streets.
42. To move to another country. Where you are grooving and rushing.
43. Look around you. Every day is full of opportunities
44. … and once again learn how to smile-☺

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