4 levels of love

Love is an abstract noun.
Hearing this word some people imagine a bunch of flowers,
some – a night in the hayloft.
There are 4 levels of love:
physical, psychical,
intellectual, transcendental.
Love is like water conditions:
ice, water, steam.
The essence of water is permanent, the forms are different.

Physical form. The basic symbol
for loving people is not the heart.
By the way, it doesn’t look like a heart at all.
Have a look at the anatomical atlas.

The body level is the basis. Oil.
If you are not healthy (i.e. “physical energy”),
no deep emotions or
intellectual achievements
are possible.

You just don’t have gas. The car will stop.
Energy is distilled from “oil” to “gas”.
To the energy of 5 elements on the level of heart centre.
To what we call emotions.
Which are destroying and senseless
if not used as fuel for thoughts and awareness.

We even can’t think without emotions.
But emotions shouldn’t be a goal in themselves.
They are the Muse, inspiration for actions.

Self-sufficient emotions are part of drug addict’s
A stone on the neck of the person drowning in the ocean of their subjective reality.
Emotions should rise to thoughts, thoughts – to insights.
Which penetrate the body like electric shock.
It’s the level of wisdom.

… It’s a woman who most often loves boundlessly, unconditionally and selflessly.
But it’s more difficult for a woman to reach insights.

Man’s love is limited and contains a lot of Nos…
But they see the reality more clearly.
We need each other.
The union of Heaven and Earth make up integrity.

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