36 + Chinese life hacks and the masks we wear

Here are some life hacks.. Here’s how I decode the title of the article.. “36” is the number referring to 36 Chinese stratagems. The words strategy and stratagems don’t sound appealing to the majority of my subscribers, especially to women. They don’t think these words are connected with their lives. That’s why I replaced them by the more trendy life hack

Please, don’t mix it up with a life f**k, despite the fact that with the help of stratagems … oops.. life hacks  you can f**k somebody or be f**ked depending on the posture, position and orientation…The more disregarding is the person to the stratagems, the bigger is the chance to be f**ked… as the opponent may have the opposite point of view and have a different kung-fu level…It’s up to you to choose – to be in the passive or the active of 36 stratagems. Even if you are passive (it’s not my case), you may get pleasure and practice consciousness.“+” refers to the fact that there are much more strategies, there are at least several strategies connected with the qi level of the palace… All in all, we have 4*36 = 144 strategies…

  • “Heat up a frog over a small fire”…
  • “GEO” (gorge each other)
  • “A blonde and a white sheet of paper”
  • “Dog’s shit”
  • “Distract the head with the glans” and others

In addition, someone reprimanded me that I offer to wear masks… But I think that our personality (=cover, roles) is a mask. And we wear these masks every moment: a child’s mask, a parent’s mask, a passenger’s, a driver’s, a policeman’s, a husband’s, a lover’s mask and the costume of the skeleton in the cupboard… a doctor’s mask and a patient’s mask.. the majority of people put the equality sign between themselves and the mask if we are aware of these masks on ourselves and others, it may have consequences

  • We are more effective in social games and we are less often f**ked without our consent
  • We can learn to see the essence of things through masks

So, here are the life hacks:

№5 Rob during the fire…
When the person is distracted by something (for example, his head by his glans) he may agree on the conditions on which he wouldn’t agree in other circumstances… This life hack is often used to buy property from companies and individuals in poor financial conditions at the prices lower than market prices

№7 Pull something out of nothing
The strategy I most often come across in qi men tables during the last 2 weeks.. = to make a mountain out of a molehill, draw castles in the air… “you should be able to get the change from every failure”… It is our brain that determines the scale of the problem… that’s why we  can change the scale into + or – according to our purpose.

№15 Lure the tiger from the mountain onto the plain
= have a meeting on your own territory For instance, invite a client into your office. Or the victim of seduction into your house))

№27 Pretend to be insane preserving your intellect
= madness under control
See  Primal Fear

№30 Kill with somebody else’s knife
The stratagem of delegation  = Pull somebody’s chestnuts out of the fire.. We know the shortest way to the destination… obeying the ethic norms

The problem is not in the Chinese life hacks. The problem is in the metaphors they use. We are peaceful people. If we translate the 36 Chinese life hacks from the language of a “knife”, “dead body” and “fire” into the language of “delegation”, a “useless person” and “activity”, they will become ethical and we’ll be able to use them to find the shortest way to realizing our dreams –  in business, career, personal life and even in the fight with mental demons: impeding emotions… restricting beliefs… stupid ideas… superstitions.. traumatic memories…

For example, “I can’t afford it” is a mental bug. If you know 36 stratagems in qi men, You may use them to

  • Appoint a restricting belief about money your enemy
  • Declare war
  • Choose a strategy
  • Defeat the enemy (a harmful belief about money)

And you’ll never think about “where to get money for a training session… or for an iPhone… or for a car… or for a flat” There are more fascinating and worthy tasks

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