2 triangles of success

By 01.06.2016 фэншуй

There is a triangle of success where:
A. is environment (including Feng Shui)
B. is psychology (including way of thinking)
C. is technique (for instance, a system generating money: business, carrier… modus operandi — action)

There is another triangle of success
which lies in a different plane,
but contacts with the first one:
1. Mass action. It occurs when we start many things at the same time, hoping
that at least some of them will be productive and have a positive outcome.
A problem with this method is that there is a chance that all
those actions will be unproductive.

It is a good method for very fast-working workaholics who have a lot of energy and, preferably, a team. Also, optimism is very important here, in order not to be upset if 9 out of 10 projects are unproductive.

2. 20/80. The law of the lever. We find a point for the most effective application of energy and achieve success with a modicum of efforts. The trick is to know where that point is.

This method is good for the lazy ones able to go against the current and having enough intelligence and intuition to find the critical points of the system.

Points 1 and 2 represent the ends of a segment
which goes through point C of the first triangle.
Further, rays from points 1 and 2 are directed to point B
of the first triangle. Having passed it, they form
an irregular triangle, connecting in point 3.

3. The method of attraction. Using it, we record into our subconscious mind positively charged images which attract our desired reality.

This method is good for people with good intuition and developed right brain thinking, which is responsible for constructing images.

Which method of reaching your dreams and goals should you use?
A combination of all three in different proportions, the percentage of every ingredient depending on your potential and strengths.

For instance, you can use more of method three if you are a creative.

And if you are stuck, finding yourself in a dead-end and unable to use your logic to find new opportunities?
When you feel that fighting is pointless and want life to bring what you desire on a silver plate…

Let the good Feng Shui be with you!
Vladimir Zakharov

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