Do not start looking for the 10th house

By 28.01.2015 фэншуй

“Do not start looking for the 10th house” … What does this mean?
Let’s take a look at the example of wealth. You may instead substitute it with health, relationships, or something else …

Your potential and wealth are determined by:
1) the moment of birth
2) the influence of the place (home or office)

And if the first we cannot really change, the second – we surely can.

Why is it the 10 th house anyway?
The idea is that we strive to jump over immediately
to the 10th step, bypassing steps to improve the current success,
steps regarding rentals, shopping, observation of a feedback from the reality and improving your own bugs. Bypassing the previous 9 houses.
It doesn’t work like that.

You cannot simply start running without learning how to crawl and walk.
Of course “10 houses” isn’t a mandatory number. Someone will need 3, and someone – all 20.

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