How to turn your home into place of power

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Do you know the 100% reliable way to determine whether your Feng Shui is OK?

Life has given us a litmus paper to determine the concentration of positive and negative energies at home.

If your revenues dropped in the first half of 2020 then Feng Shui is not 100% okay. Why is it so?
Because during self-isolation we lived under influence of the same energies at least for 2 months.

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Flying Bird Falls into Cave

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There are 3 strong formations in Qi Men:

1. Flying Bird Falls into Cave 🐣

2. Green Dragon Returns 🐲

3. The Jade Maiden 💃

The first formation creates possibilities without effort…
It literally falls into hands and becomes a bird…like they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
but this formation is for fast people…

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How to resist failures of the past?

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There are 3 simple things, which you can abandon and protect yourself from failures of the past…

  1. Usually people tend to tie their misfortunes into a ball: one thing happened, then another and they are connected to the third one.

This is how we create in our mind A STRING OF FAILURES.
Imagine a piece of paper…it’s easy to tear it.
If you take 10 pieces of paper, it will be harder to do.
And 100? A man can’t do it.

So why do you complicate your life and create patterns of your failures of the past?!
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Six lines, which contain the secret code of the Universe

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“Forewarned is forearmed”…

Information has become a valuable resource in the conditions of modern reality. Different types of forecasts surround us: economic, political, sports, astrological and even weather forecasts. We check them periodically just to verify our plans.

How to look to the future is the topic, which has been worrying everybody for centuries. When statistic and planning were not developed, people enlisted the help of oracles and all sorts of fortune-telling.
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The Void

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There is such a thing in Feng Shui like „go into the void”
Put a table or a bed in a specific way, so the problem
“will come and find no one at home”

For example, when my client has issues in every sphere of his life,
It’s like cornucopia of problems, which are increasing exponentially.
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Life is a supermarket!

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When we want to know a potential of a situation…
get to the bottom of multiple versions of the future…

which are pretty restricted…

we can prophesy…
using different technics…
tarot cards, Yi Jing, Qi Men Dun Jia
(Mystic doors)…

People often forget the basics

“Everything what happens has it own reason,
and this reason is on the same order as the consequence”.
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License for energy of favorable neighbourhood

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People, who are seriously interested in Feng Shui, stopped associate it with frogs, flutes and other symbolic items a long time ago. Englishmen say: ”There are 3 important things in real estate: location, location and once again location”. If it is bad, then even invested funds in walls won’t make of it a place of peace, work and inspiration. Why is location so important?

Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, it is obvious that environment does matter. Imagine that you are walking around the neighbourhood with dilapidated houses. I bet in this environment you won’t feel the same as on the balcony on the 30th floor of skyscraper with a beautiful view of the city or the ocean. This is the influence of the place. In one environment, you have brilliant ideas, in another – insignificant thoughts.

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The reasons for inaction, or why you don´t get results

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Why does a person tend to postpone the implementation of their plans “for later”?

My answer is to keep them from falling into the abyss.

A lot of people have this scenario in their mind: you are standing on stable and comfortable territory. And the unknown is far behind the horizon. To reach it, you have to make 267 steps. But firstly, you need to be ready for it. Study all carefully. Complete course 1, course 2, course 3… course 267.

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About money and values

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A few years ago I heard the idea:
„If you know Chinese Metaphysics,
there is no way you don’t have one million dollars! ”

No matter what kind of chart you have,
there are things in the space, in the time…
If you activate them correctly, you will have a sum of money

Maybe you won´t rank among the top 100 people in Forbes, but one million,
X millions you are able to make.
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6 ways to attract luck into your life

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Is it possible to attract good luck and success? It’s a philosophical question. The most popular answers to it are brought to three main theses:

  1. Luck has nothing to do with it. “Learn, work hard and you’ll have everything!” Have you heard this? A lot of people having two or three degrees work 24 hours a days in three different places dreaming about happiness and welfare for their families. And what is the result?
    The idea that everything is in your hands is quite interesting. It means “I can achieve everything, anything, there are no limits”. But limits exist and show their worth.
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Money, cards and Feng Shui

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“I shouldn’t believe in Feng Shui, I use it because it brings me money”, these words belong to Donald Trump, whose fortune is more than 4.5 billion dollars.In one of his interviews he said, “I’m not so stupid to ignore this 5000-year-old art”. By the way, the millionaire Jack Canfield, one of the creators of the film “Secret”, said that he is consulted by his Feng Shui master every year.

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The Teacher and the Glass Wall

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Have you ever noticed that you are sometimes separated from the desired by an invisible wall? This wall separates the rich from the poor, people who know English from those who dream to learn it, people who know how to film and those who don’t … and of course Feng Shui practitioners from those who can’t use this knowledge.

On the one side of this wall there are people who learn and learn and learn…

On the other side there are people who have these skills and successfully use them in life. Although they could have learned much less. Or couldn’t have learned at all.
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How to succeed? Feng Shui for work and career

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I’ve got a rule:“A ferroconcrete fence is of the highest priority to the marking and traffic signs”…
When you think of your career or build your own business you pursue one goal, which is to increase your welfare. All the steps you take are aimed at getting as many material comforts for yourself and your family as possible.
It is for this reason you should call it like it is – all of us, in the context of this article, want to have more money.
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Feng Shui of the love zone: how to reach harmony in relationships? Part 2

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How to activate relationships with Feng Shui?

“Peach Blossom” symbolic star

If this factor was presented in your Ba-Zi chart, you wouldn’t be interested in the question of relationships. It is this symbolic star which means that the person is attractive to everybody. They are not necessarily the opposite sex. People just like watching you. They like listening to you. It’s an invisible charisma. Something intangible. The person may not understand why they like you, but they do. If this factor is presented in the Ba-Zi chart, especially if there are 2 or 3 of them, then he is especially attractive for the opposite sex. Peach Blossom determines your ability to be liked by others. But it’s up to you to decide how to use it.
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Feng Shui of the love zone: how to reach harmony in relationships? Part 1

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Let’s define love.

What is love for you?

  1. Long walks under the stars, or with the umbrella in the rain, or a dinner in a romantic atmosphere with candles on the terrace on the ocean shore and only after all that there’s two moon junction? 🙂 or … before that? 🙂
  2. Or all this preamble is not necessary, no moon junction …) only sex, a lot of it, passionate and different?

The second variant is closer to you? Then…. I remember one of my friends claimed that the toilet in the centre of the flat is ok. It was ok until somebody started digging in 3 sha close to his place. Then the potential problem became actual. The result: he was caught in a high street at night, naked with 2 streetwalkers.
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Symbols and charms to attract well-being

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Are there any symbols and charms in classical Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is translated as “wind and water” and dates back to the phrase “If  Qi rides the wind, it is scattered; if it is bounded by water, it is held”, taken from the book of burials by Master Gopu. In fact, Feng Shui is an art of placement. Above all, it is a science of placing people in the space, not of placing the figures of Chinese toads on coins, copulating hippos and so on…
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If you are lonely …

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As for relationships, I think there’s one rule:
To get something you need
You should give what you possess.
For example, give away jealousy, or high ambitions, or the idea that the whole world owes something to you…
Or give away the set of 100 criteria of a partner…
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100 steps to the dream and my mistake

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Only a few people know that apart from being a fan of Chinese metaphysics, I’m also a fan of the phenomenon known as “peak performance” : how to reach the peak of yourself….
how to enter the “zone” state when time stops… you feel almost a god… you may be in this state for hours without feeling tired doing the job you really like…
it’s also about how to find the shortest way to your purpose…
(In fact, there are 2 ways: to work a lot and to work intellectually 🙂 )…
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94 lines about metaphysics, not only the Chinese one

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Everything has come from emptiness,
Everything will go into emptiness
Every phenomenon has got its own reason
And it’s got the same order as the consequence
20% of reasons are responsible for 80% of consequences
we get from the cash-till into which we put something
You won’t get a cent of personal happiness from the “wealth” cash-till
You won’t get a cent of wealth from the “harmony” cash-till
Money and wealth are in counter-balance
Money and relationships are in counter-balance

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{The Bulgarian Method, part 2} About Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty

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Do you remember  that in the 1st part of the article I gave Suggestion 3 for “the Bulgarian Method”? Oracle.

Suppose you are marking the house using King Wen’s method…
_____ xu Parents
_____ shen Brothers
_____ wu Officer
_____ chen Parents
_____ yin Wealth
_____ zi Children
You’ve done the marking correctly…
You’ve determined the factors correctly…
You’ve come to the wrong conclusion which factor stands for your question (the most difficult thing in prediction is to find the factor, if you, for instance, ask about children, it’s Brotherhood Star according to 6 Yao Method, it’s not the Children Star, which seems to be evident)
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The “Bulgarian” method in Chinese metaphysics

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Everything in metaphysics is hung on one nail …
If you pull it out, everything collapses…
And it will be the last nail driven in the cover of our metaphysical practice coffin ….
The whole system is correct… the building is correct…
The foundation is incorrect… the reference point is incorrect…

Everything is OK with the bow.
Everything is OK with the arrow.
Everything is Ok with the wind.

The problem is with the archer…
Who aims the arrow in the wrong direction….
The problem seems to have a simple solution…
But you should be attentive…
You should be aware…
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Mystical doors and relationships

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Qi Men charts is one of the
most precise methods to read the luck in private life.
While analysing relationships we
look at the following:
– the Door of Birth
– 6 Harmonies Deity
– The place of Ji wood and Geng metal
– The place of the Palace of Life
Ji wood stands for the wife, Geng Metal – for the husband.
If the Open Door is in one of these palaces,
the relationships are under threat…
They are open for the third party to appear…

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Indirect Wealth Profile

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What is “indirect money” or “indirect wealth”?

These people are excellent risk-managers able to turn any business into gold. They introduce new laws and rules, they are risk-takers. People with the Indirect Wealth Profile consider risks to be challenges which are to be overcome.

Yang Profile

Indirect Wealth Profile means that the person can be pragmatic and determined. Such people are not tired of socializing, on the contrary, we can see them real only in communication.  Yang profiles are easy to realize themselves only when they are surrounded by other people. They have got a calculating and pragmatic mind.
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4 levels of love

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Love is an abstract noun.
Hearing this word some people imagine a bunch of flowers,
some – a night in the hayloft.
There are 4 levels of love:
physical, psychical,
intellectual, transcendental.
Love is like water conditions:
ice, water, steam.
The essence of water is permanent, the forms are different.
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How to choose a flat?

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In metaphysics, as well as in other fields of knowledge we use, strategy is the most important thing. Nothing is an art without it, just a lifeless formula. The same way, in any house or flat the most important thing is Tai Chi, the point that connects everything and the principal thing in a house, the source of life in it. It’s a good idea to start looking for this point with simple things, after that you can complicate the parameters.

When you are looking for a flat, you should take the following steps:
Look at the neighbourhood.
Look at the house.
Look at the flat.
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How to find the shortest way to money

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There’s a limited number of ways to having money in our world. You can make it by doing business or going up the career ladder, or you may get happily married, or come into fortune … you may win a lottery or steal money. I may have missed one or two ways, but this succession is quite complete. Among the above mentioned ways career and business are under our control.
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Opportunity Cost

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Especially useful for mathematical minds 🙂

People often choose a date
it may be in a month or in two
or in a year…
and people wait for this date to start this or that project
to buy a house or a car
to put a bed or a table in another place
switch on a fountain
start a new business.
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Feng Shui without bullshit

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Many people believe that when I’m teaching a course I have to be wearing, for example, a red jacket. They are sure that a red color is more appropriate for this purpose… because red attracts luck and we are now living in the year of the Red Rooster. Most people imagine Feng Shui to be like this.

If I were writing a book on this topic, I would entitle it “Feng Shui without Bullshit,” although my first choice for the last word was even rougher. “Bullshit” is a compromise.
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How to increase your well-being with the help of Feng Shui?

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When I look at the maps of the cities I used to visit; I realize that the location of posh districts and quarters were not chosen by accident.

Why do you think Bill Gates, a devoted Feng Shui fan, has chosen to build his house in Medina, on the bank of Lake Washington? Was it because it takes 15 minutes to get from his front door to Microsoft headquarters by car? Or because of the wonderful scenery?

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Lock, stock and Feng Shui

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“I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui; using it helps me to make money”
– these are words of Donald Trump, whose fortune amounts to an estimated $4.5 billion.

“As a businessman, I am not that stupid to ignore this 5000-years old art,” he is reported to have said in an interview.

By the way, during his speech in Moscow, Jack Canfield, a millionaire and one of the creators of “The Secret” film, said that he consults his Feng Shui master every year :).

So, skeptics should consider whether or not their opinions might be costing them money.
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What does Feng Shui look like?

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We should understand how authentic Feng Shui, learned through personal contact and transfer of knowledge from masters of Southeast Asia, differs from the Feng Shui we have.

Practitioners of Feng Shui do not write the majority of books. Journalists who read some Internet articles, do some rewriting and turn out books as if on a production line are the ones who write them.
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Is Feng Shui a female occupation?

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Attention (!) Below is my SUBJECTIVE (=manly) view on a question “Feng Shui is a female occupation?” I do not assume, by any means, to be the ultimate authority. I sincerely welcome your comments and feedback.

Whatever we say about “equal rights,” in the western society (including Post-Soviet) there is male chauvinism.
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Wealth and happiness without Feng Shui

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Feng Shui skeptics often list the same objections:

“Listen, I know many people who live very well without consulting a shaman to choose auspicious dates of getting ripped off by a FengShui expert.

Some of the more religiously inclined skeptics wonder if such “heathen” practices aren’t inspired and directed by the Evil One himself. Read More

Got a question about Feng Shui? Go ahead! Vladimir will answer and help you with it for free!

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The point here is that we really want to know what are you interested in, so we can produce a better content for our English speaking community! Go ahead – ask a question in the comments below and we will gladly answer it for free! It can be anything starting from you career to your house or personal business. Do not hesitate – ask anything! Read More